Leave a girl to her devices…

22 07 2009

And she buys doll clothes.

I gave the Glitter Glue Princess some cash at the Ann Arbor Art Fairs, and she ended up purchasing this:

This was hand made, and the lady had so many cute outfits, it was hard to choose – she even had mermaid outfits!

You can barely see them, but the lady sold it with ruby mary janes – so adorable!

Cones – again.

22 07 2009

Another cone photo for the cone-obsessed hubby…  This was at the Ann Arbor Art Fairs (actually 3 fairs in one).  Could have passed for an art installation if it weren’t in the middle of an intersection…

Tie Dye – Session 3

14 07 2009

Like I said before – lots of tie dye in the last few weeks.  This is the last chunk of photos from my camera, so it should tide everyone over for awhile.

I wish I had taken a shot of the back of this-you can see a bit through the collar.  There are multiple stripes down the back.

I found this white jacket in my “ready to dye” bin, but it doesn’t fit anyone at our house anymore.  I dyed it up and gave to the bubbly little gal down the street, who just LOVED it!  Yay!  I learned that the fluffy stuff inside, and all the thread is in polyester and doesn’t dye at all.  Note to self:  Check labels when buying.

This is the most comfortable skirt – ever – on me!  The side has a waterfall effect that is very artistic, and it is super light from a baby weight jersey. A bit clingy, but any heavier and it wouldn’t drape as nicely.

And the end result:

Sticking it to ‘da man

13 07 2009

While I was away on my business trip last month, hubby gets a call from one of our credit card companies (starts with a c and has i-t-i in its name) telling him we need to set up a payment plan.

…(insert befuddled expression here)…

Hubby proceeds to tell them they are wrong, thinking it is a phony call, and hangs up on them. He then calls me out in California.  I call them and inquire as to what is going on.   They say we owe them $20 and want a payment plan.  I’m totally confused, as I pay the bills the day they show up – apparently we didn’t get a bill.  Being out of town and on an unsecured wifi connection, I can’t pay till we get home.  The guy on the other end of the phone offers to take a $15 payment in order to take my $20 over the phone, which I refuse to do – that is absolutely insane.

They proceed to freeze our credit card…

While I’m out of town…

Imagine the excitement…

After I get home, I find out that the bill was much larger than the $20 (try 30X bigger) – obviously, based on my payment history, either the bill never made it to my house or something caused the bill not to get paid.  It certainly wasn’t for lack of funds that the bill got missed – I don’t deny that the bill was mine, nor do I even object to the late fee – I just object to how the company handled the issue.

Fine, I pay it in full.

Collectively, hubby and I agree that we will not be using that card anymore.  We were loyal customers for over 9 years, and they’ve treated us badly, therefore they don’t deserve our business.

We sign up hubby for a secondary card on another account with another company, and every thing is right in the world, at least in his mind.

Me….  I know better.

I remember our rewards points on the Evil Empire’s card, that the fine print said would disappear if the card was cancelled.  They total over 56,000 since this was a card I used for business travel for a very long time.  So, I peruse their choices, thinking I would get a bunch of gift cards.  Ummmm, not happening, as I was not interested in most of the companies they offer – they used to have Target, but no longer.  So…  I start looking at electronics.

Well, in the end, I got a Nintendo Wii, Disney Dance-Dance Revolution, and another game, with only 200 points to spare.   Thank you evil empire for the lovely electronics – Glitter Glue Princess really enjoys Dance Dance, thanks to your poor handling of the situation.

Now the debate looms as to what removing this credit card will do to my excellent FICO score.  It will probably just sit in a drawer till I decide.

And now, we are off to go buy accessories for the lovely new Wii!  🙂

Shirr, this is an adorable top.

12 07 2009

I tried my hand at shirring, and made a lovely top.  It is not her normal style, which is o.k.   She chose cupcake fabric, very birthday-like.

It is made from 2 rectangles 27″ long X 35″ wide – she wanted it long enough to wear with leggings.  The edges are rolled hemmed.  12 rows of shirring using elastic thread at 1/2″ apart.  We used 1″ straps, just in case she wanted to wear it to school.

The following tutorials were most helpful in the making of this top:

Pretty Ditty Shirring Tute

Portobello Pixie Shirring Tute

I cannot find the link, but I recall that you should cut the width of your piece about 1-1/4 to 2 times depending on how full you want the garment.  I used 2X as my amount here.

Tie Dye – Session 2

12 07 2009

The following pictures were taken when J, another of S’s friends, came over to dye.  J had a friend having a baby in the hospital at the same time he was over, so it was fitting that many onesies were adorned in this session.

Tie Dye – Session 1

12 07 2009

S has had a large amount of time off from work due to mandatory shutdown of his plant.  During that time, multiple tie dye sessions have occurred with different friends present – call it our community outreach on tie dye. Below is one sessions worth of work as documented by the Glitter Glue Princess, most by a coworker of S’s.