Shoe Day Saturday

21 02 2010

My shoes for work were old and really nasty – no doubt about it, I needed new shoes.

Note to self – never take a kid with you who can wear the same size shoe as you.  You will fight over the shoes…  Two stores later, everyone had shoes, but some of us were mad at our moms for wanting the same ones.

Guess who the shoes belong to….

Mine won’t be totally practical for work with the weaving, but they are still cute.

The only problem will be hiding them so she doesn’t steal them from me.

the card preview…

22 11 2009

Here are the pic’s that Glitter Glue Princess and I selected for the holiday cards – they are currently in queue at


This was the photo selected for the backs of the cards – more what he looks like when totally crazed.  This was the kiddo’s favorite photo, but not very appropriate for a holiday card, in my mind, except maybe halloween or day of the dead.

hmmm…. should I do this next year for halloween?

17 11 2009

There’s enough time, I could probably figure out how to do it!

A morning ritual… Now with more kitten-y goodness!

7 11 2009

We will resume halloween photos after hubby gets some stills from the video he made.

In the meantime…  Allow me to show you how a kitten will change your morning ritual!

First, you must now dry the seat or you will be in for a great big shock!

You must also close the all night buffet that kitten took upon himself to open.

And if the water from the toilet wasn’t enough, you should always check your shower for exciting changes!

Our suspect is usually found in various hiding places, such as seen below:

…You’d think we starve this fella.

…”Feet are food, not friends!”

“Hey!  Who put the drain back together?!?!?!”

What a pair!

27 10 2009

And such lovely matching jackets too!



And now for something completely different – bread and fashion!

9 10 2009

Bread sculpture inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Ah, my two worlds meet.  Wish I could go….

Leave a girl to her devices…

22 07 2009

And she buys doll clothes.

I gave the Glitter Glue Princess some cash at the Ann Arbor Art Fairs, and she ended up purchasing this:

This was hand made, and the lady had so many cute outfits, it was hard to choose – she even had mermaid outfits!

You can barely see them, but the lady sold it with ruby mary janes – so adorable!