She’s going to the State Championships!

22 03 2009

Glitter Glue Princess participated in Destination Imagination this year.

She and her team prepared an 8 minute skit about hamsters, and how they communicate.  They made a pet store and held a gameshow called the “Squeal of Fortune”.  Glitter Glue Princess was the hamster wheel/wheel of fortune, depending on which side was facing forward.

They had to create everything on their own – the script, the set, the costumes.  Their group of skits about animal communication was the largest group in the competition, with about 40 groups participating.

And…  They placed second!

We’ve got only 2 weeks to the state tournament…  Lots to do before we go too….

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

16 03 2009

Wordless Post – Night of the Butterflies at Meijer Gardens

15 03 2009