More dying of our own

26 07 2007

Following the party at John’s, we had some more dying of our own. S wanted to make a sneetch shirt, a yellow shirt with a green star on it, and I had a number of pieces that needed LWI treatment – a fabric piece for a pillowcase, and another for a shower curtain. Here are the pics:

The unfinished shower curtain –

The unfinished pillowcase –

Random dyed item images –

Unfortunately, S had some overspray and was disappointed in his sneetch shirt, and wants to make it again – no pics.

Glitter Glue Princess invited the Divine Miss Em over and she dyed too.

A Meijer Garden Art Class

24 07 2007

S took the Glitter Glue Princess and Miss K to an art class at Meijer Gardens. Bless his heart, he worked all the nights of the class and basically slept in the parking lot so they could go. The class was about making art for your garden.  They really, really wanted to take the cooking with chocolate class, but it was full before they registered.  They were still happy with the class.  They had the same teacher as they had last year when Glitter Glue Princess took her drawing class.

Here are the works that GGP brought home:

The shells in this stepping stone were collected by Lena Meijer and donated to the garden:

School starts when? and you want what?

23 07 2007

The glitter glue princess is all for the stores campaign to put out school supplies at the first of July. She has already checked out the stock at Target, Meijer, Walmart, Staples, and Officemax. She is a cautious shopper and goes through all the stores before selecting.

She has already purchased her bookbag…

and lunchbox.

The only things that haven’t been procured for her supply list are the ziploc bags.

And we still have 1.5 months till school starts.

Maybe it’s just me, or maybe all kids are like this – I don’t know – but it seems that my kid only wants about a month off for summer, then has a burning desire to get back to school.

Helping at someone elses tie dye party

23 07 2007

John was so taken by the whole tiedye thing at our last party, that he just had to have one for himself! He asked for our help. Of course, he invited everyone he knew…. What I found most interesting was how these people were inencumbered by having never tiedyed before, bringing more than one item to dye, and they just dove right in. I swear there were like 50 items tiedyed by beginners here, and they all had fun.

Here are a few of the results:




A pic of John and his shirt:


And these are a couple of my most favorite pics from this party. Look at these happy faces:


A nice top with a positive future

7 07 2007

So I began to work through a stack of new Jalie patterns that I got last month. Besides, I need some new summer tops after the halter fiasco of last month. I worked up the Jalie 2682 with a raised collar for my first test from a big bolt of white knit that works well for making cheap working muslins… I must say, it fits better than I expected! A little big in the armhole, but that is fixable on the next top with a bit of clear elastic beneath the coverstitching, and could possibly handle a shorter shoulder seam. The upper front is doubled up to make the one piece collar, and the back is three pieces, which I think will be workable into a single piece, especially if I have any patterning on the next version. Here’s a pic of the top….