For your viewing enjoyment….

30 09 2008

Some Gandalf Murphy video that I have been remiss in posting.  S took the video, but someone from the club posted to youtube….  I was extra cautious and picked video that didn’t have shots of me making a fool of myself!  🙂

That costume was finished…. I swear…

28 09 2008

I had the little pirate costume all done, with pictures to prove it….

Then the Glitter Glue Princess found coin scarves at the Renaissance Festival.

Now I have to take about half of the lower portion off the vest off and rehem.  This removes all the gold coins I had applied to it…  Oh, and change the buttons.  Sigh….

A vision of what is to come in my life….

28 09 2008

Is this the sullen attitude of a teenage girl coming out?  This was covertly taken at the Michigan Renaissance Festival while complaining about something or other.

See link HERE, because I was told if I post the picture she will murder me in my sleep…..  Niiicce….  Don’t be surprised if I am forced to remove this later.

A mini pirate hat for my little pirate girl

23 09 2008

So…  we are progressing on the costumes for the Gandalf Murphy Pirate Ball next month.  Glitter Glue Princess requested a mini pirate hat for wearing with her costume.  Ummmmm, o…..k…..  This one took some noodling to figure out, as I couldn’t find easy ways out of it (I tried finding a build a bear hat, american girl hat…  no dice there).  It is amazing how much little hats go for (try $150 on etsy!!!).  This is what I came up with:

I used the free download from Wild Ginger called Wild Things, and used the sunhat pattern, just making it smaller than usual size (12.5″ around forehead, 3″ brim depth to allow for the point formation, 2″ band height).  This same pattern could be used for making mini top hats, and other things as well.

I used buckram for the top and interfuse (a heavy double sided home dec fusible interfacing) for the brim to keep it stiff.  It is made of poly taffeta.  The two front sides are sewn down to the hat top, and the back is rolled.  I sewed in two elastic loops for attaching bobby pins or clips, and am installing a barrette to the front of the hat to stabilize it.  The inside has a petersham ribbon band to make it clean around the edge.

We’ve looked at adding feathers, headband, tulle fluffery, and most have been ruled out at this time.  She is leaning toward a simple braided hatband as the only trim aside from the bows on the side.

A test action shot…

Yes, it even will work as a dollie hat for her american girls when the season is over – yay!  So very Felicity…

A belated birthday to my big guy…

22 09 2008

Yesterday was S’s birthday, but he was sick, so we spent most of the evening helping him out.  We’ve all had a bout of colds going around – it happens nearly every year when school starts.  His cold just had really bad timing.

For those of you who got here from his coney blog (you know who you are – you clicked on his links), please…  Go back and leave him a comment for a happy birthday.


Sewing Nerd? I am!

20 09 2008

I bought this vinyl  decal for my old car, but just got it installed on the “son of square car”.  (We need a better name for the car but haven’t thought of any yet.) It showed up a couple days AFTER the crash – nothing like fortuitous luck, right?

I found this gem on Etsy at vinyl wall art’s shop…  Isn’t this the cutest thing ever?!?!  She also had them for knitting, crocheting, crafting and scrapbooking too!

Glitter Glue Princess doing her best imitation:

Now, she wants me to get an “I love my toaster” for the back too.   🙂

Jobs, jobs, jobs

18 09 2008

This is a post that I didn’t intend to write until later on in the month.  In addition to my vehicular issues, stirring up my sewing creativity, and dealing with sending a girl to school, I’ve been politically correct and kept this under wraps.  Those circumstances changed today…

I’ve been only working two days a week this entire summer.  I won’t get into the whys and hows.

A colleague of mine recommended me for his position once he was offered a job at another company.  After a few interviews, the position is now mine.  I am going from making nutrition bars back to baking – what I know and love.  I’ll be making breads, rolls, cakes, and muffins for major restaurants and grocery store chains, and expanding my mind once again.

I gave my current employer notice of my new position, and gave him ample time, considering my abbreviated schedule.  I assumed I was leaving on good terms.

I get a message on my cell phone today from his wife telling me not to bother coming back in next week, as they no longer need me.  That is fine.  It is just that they will no longer be getting me to pick up the phone when they call me, which is nearly daily. I turned the ringer to off for all their calls on my cell.  It is not my problem any more.  Oh, and I left behind a horribly sticky pair of work shoes with marshmallow on the soles, that someone will have to contend with…  🙂

They actually don’t know it, but they need me more than I need them right now.  Next week will definitely be a trial, as I KNOW there are no mixing instructions prepared for a new product going into production at the end of the week, and the only two people who have written the mixing instructions for the last two years are no longer there.

*Allow me to secretly snicker behind their backs for awhile – it just feels soooo good.*

They really haven’t gotten rid of me.  At least one customer who knows my personal number has already asked me to develop his bars for him when he goes into line extensions.  Maybe I’ll be more inclined to recommend a competitor to make them for him….