Rediculousness, utter rediculousness!

24 09 2007

I’ve been on a sewing frenzy.  Sewed and dyed up the 8 point skirt, made a muslin for Glitter Glue Princess’ Minnie Mouse top, and redrafted it with more ease in the bust (she keeps growing on me – I really do need a shrinking machine!), and nearly finished S’s purple pirate shirt.

That shirt is what this post really is about.  I used Simplicity 3758 to make it up, and realized why I hate sewing from a pattern – OY!  First off, the shirt is not designed for lightweight cloth, yet to get all the drape they show in the photo, you need to use a very light cotton to achieve it – I used standard quilting cotton and it just looks heavy.  Second – the neckline is drafted for a woman – it is MUCH too small for a man.  The neck rides up on S so high that the collar appears to be pulling back.  There are supposed to be eyelets in the front but he won’t need them. Lastly, whoever decided that the sleeves should be 40 inches wide in circumference (I kid you not!) should be shot!  The only way to make all that gathering look anywhere near professional is to use my handy Pullen Pleater I got off ebay!  The cuff is too small to fit a man as well.  I really don’t know what the designer was thinking on this one, but this is total insanity.

I’m going to finish it the best I can and use it for this party, but I will be drafting my own if I have time.

Today I shall hopefully get this one done and then finish off the kiddo’s shirt as my next project.

A Birthday…

21 09 2007

Today is this big guy’s birthday.  I’m posting it here as I know a few of his pink floyd pals read my blog.  If you know him, wish him a happy birthday!

Silliness is contageous… So are Haikus… A photo essay…

16 09 2007

The shirts state:

Haikus are easy

But sometimes they don’t make sense


So here’s what I’ve come up with for the pirate thing.

13 09 2007

I’m giving up on the hillbilly aspect, except MAYBE if S can find some cowboy boots.

I’m making S a pirate shirt out of a lovely piece of dark purple cotton. To that we will add a green/purple died sash. The pants are his problem. 🙂

I’ve decided to make myself an 8 point handkerchief skirt (2-4 point skirts overlayed together, with one layer dyed green/purple and the other layer black – this will look a little more unkempt and more “pirate-y”. Then I’ll do a standard renaissance fair chemise/bodice with it. Maybe I’ll find some cowboy boots too, but it’s doubtful.

I’ve got a good amount of dying to do this weekend before it gets cold – it will probably be the last one of the season. Boo-hoo.

Thus far, I’ve got the sash and headband sewn (a certain child thought that her pirate dad needed a headband to be truly “pirate-y”).  But, I’m out of cotton thread before I sew together the skirt layer, so that is for another night.

Got Glitter Glue Princess to sit down with me last night and we designed her top for Halloween. Came out a bit different than the picture she desired in my last post. NOW, she wants a sweetheart neckline, and no ruffle. This hopefully explains WHY I have to have her order in so early for costumes, yes? Imagine this in red/white dots:

If you had to dress as a hillbilly pirate, what would you wear???

7 09 2007

No seriously, I’m asking this question…

S and I are going to a concert next month for Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams in Jim Thorpe, PA, and it is a hillbilly pirate ball. Yes, you read that correctly, and apparently hillbillies and pirates can comingle peacefully and not kill one another…

So, now I have to design S and me some costumes… Hmmm. I asked the same question on my sewing mamas group, and someone suggested Hee Haw meets the Pirates of the Caribbean. Um, good, at least I’m pointed in the right direction now. It needs to involve gingham and pirates, maybe a john deere hat for DH, cowboy boots for all. Har-har-har…

Fortunately for me, Glitter Glue Princess has decided to reuse her Minnie Mouse skirt for her halloween costume, so all I have to make for her is a matching shirt. (At this house, all halloween orders must be submitted by September 1 for timely completion, as only mom made will do…-click the links for a running halloween costume history)

This is the skirt she’ll use, but she wants a shirt like Minnie’s. We’ve already got the ears and gloves…

Oh, and she also wants sparkly shoes of either yellow or red to go with…. Size 4 please. Of course, her feet are 1 size too large for the minnie shoes at disney store – bummer!

The Laptop Lunch needed a bag..

5 09 2007

A bunch of us mamas of Sewing Mamas went together and did a group buy on Laptop Lunches via our web forum. We got a couple of them which was great but then the question arose on how to keep the food cold in the thing… So, I came up with this – Presenting the bento box carrier…

The pattern is self drafted.  I used it today for my fit&fresh bento, so the size worked out to be pretty versatile. The fabric is quilted on a light bat, then a core of insul-bright holds the cold in. The only thing I didn’t get done was handles, but I’ve yet to decide the best treatment at this point.

DD decided that the box held too much food for her to finish in the 15 minute allotment for lunch at school, so I guess I get it by default! Yay!

Tie Dye with a side of Christmas prep

2 09 2007

We did a spot of tiedye yesterday. I had ordered 8 fabric bags to dye for use as Christmas gifts, and the glitter glue princess and S had shirts to do. First up, the glitter glue princess’ work:

Four shirts for herself…

And two for the pup she sometimes puppy sits:

S made a shirt:

And here are my bags for holiday gifts:

One last very cute shot:

I had done some work on sheeting to make a bean bag cover and another shower curtain, but they didn’t come out as desired (too homogeneous in color) and will be redone for another day.

S had some friends over who did some shirts too: