Just call us crazy cat people….

24 11 2010

Hubby’s coworker’s wife found a baby kitten at work one day, and as they were strictly a doggie household, the baby has ended up with us.

He is about 5 weeks old now, and has been named Cheshire.

The vet told us to give him a couple weeks before we vaccinate the little boy.

He still misses his mama, and seems to have an oral fixation on a fleece blanket.  Gus has taken to him and plays well with him, so he has a pal.






One response

14 01 2011
Mike K

Awww…what a very cute little guy! I’m glad your other fella has taken a shine to him! I have a 5 yr. old I’ve had since a kitten…his name is Lonnel Parker Simpson Longoria (Lonnie) I don’t have any rhyme or reason for adding the three attachments to his name, but I simply call him that every now and then. 95% of the time, it’s simply Lonnie, and I love him to death!! I got him from my sister’s cat, who had a litter, just a few months after my Siamese, named Ming, died, at the age of 19 yrs.-7 mths., I had her from a ketten as well. Her daughter, Kipper, died just four months prior, at the age of 17 yrs.-5 mths. They lived a VERY long, and extremely loved life! I miss them terribly.

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