My angry vent about a certain computer company (starts with a G)

29 05 2008

So, I confess. I’m computer literate. Actually met my hubby while taking a basic computer programming class in college on the vm (yeah, it predates the internet – I’m as old as dirt, dig it). Now a few of my coworkers have caught on to this…

So, my coworker brings in his computer (hereafter called the anchor) saying he has a virus. He brings in all his software, including “the recovery disks!” (He says with a smile!) I take the thing home and start working on it over the weekend. Bet your cookies he has a virus/worm/evil monster, and not a nice one at that – it ate part of his recovery disk. Hubby and I do a destructive reformat on this thing, and it still has the little bugger on it. O.k. We pull out the “recovery disks” only to find them totally blank. I call coworker-turns out he didn’t make them when he first bought the computer. He calls the company that starts with G.

I end up ordering them for him and get stuck in customer service purgatory for half an hour, finally ending up emailing the requests for the disks because I am not about to pay for service on a computer that isn’t mine – I just need the freaking disks. No problem – they can have them out in 2-3 weeks. They give me a link to give them a credit card number, which I promptly do on the day they give me the link.

3 weeks go by, with every day my coworker asking if the disks arrived. On the last day of 3 weeks, I email the company that starts with G and ask where the disks are. I get this as a response:

I have created order number ….. for the Restore CD to be shipped to you. Please allow an estimated 2 to 3 weeks for the Restore CDs to be sent to you depending on the availability.

I am looking forward for your satisfaction with our service.

I respond with:

You are stating it will take 3 more weeks? I’ve already waited three weeks – I went to the secure website on receipt of the secure website address and paid. Didn’t anything get initiated once I did this?

The response I get is this:

I do apologize but you need to notify us once the information has been submitted for us to be informed that we need to use the information submitted in processing the order. In this case, we are only notified when the order has been processed.

Umm, huh?

So it is my fault that THEY didn’t process the order? I used the link THEY sent me to have the order submitted on THEIR system – can’t THEIR computer tell THEM I submitted an order – they had the case number and everything. It just blows my mind to see customer service like this in a day and age when everything SHOULD be automated.

So here I sit, waiting ANOTHER three weeks for the stinking disks, being asked on a daily basis if the disks had come.

Please, for your own sanity, avoid the computer company that starts with a G and uses a cow motif, at least if you want customer service that doesn’t use paper cups on a string or telegraphs for communication…

I’m pulling the soapbox back to the corner now.

It was 17 years ago today….

25 05 2008

A School Trip to Lansing

22 05 2008

Glitter Glue Princess’s class went to the State Capitol and to a science museum, Impressions 5, this week for a school adventure. I went along with her. I had two extra girls in my group.

Here are shots of the science museum.

Making slime:

Pulleys, pulleys, pulleys:

Giant Bubbles:

After that, we took a tour of the State Capital.

Etching of a door near the Governor’s Office:

Class Shot:

My group:

Running Girls

19 05 2008

About 740 girls from our county participated in the Girls on the Run 5K this past weekend.  Here are shots taken from the run.

Glitter Glue Princess finished it, and we are so proud of her…

Every girl was number one at this race!

Group shots:

The sea of girls as they ran through the starting chute:

So exciting!

12 05 2008

Well, I’ve finally gone and done it. I decided to open up an etsy shop and sell dyed fabrics/bags/shirts. I couldn’t keep it a secret any longer!

See the lovely header? I did it all by myself (I am soooo proud!), and it was quite a challenge, as paint shop pro doesn’t play well with vista on my computer, and kept crashing when I wanted to add the text. I really need to get a different program…. I used one of my favorite shirts for the background.

Of course, it is not populated. I haven’t even had a chance to get out and dye yet. I will definitely post when it comes up and show you some of the lovelies I’m working on for it. Hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks, I’ll have some wonderful goodies to show you all… I’m currently in the process of sewing up a slew of fabric shopping bags for the first dye round. Also bought a bunch of 60″ white kona cotton to dye as yardage and sell.

I also joined the Mad Scientist team on etsy, where we make items with a science twist for challenges, etc. This is going to be fun!

Happy Mother’s Day

11 05 2008

Here’s a few photos that made me all weepy today….

Well, the next two actually made me laugh more than weep, but you get the idea….

Hey, these are also some of the first tie dye I ever made… Please note the lovely clips in the hair and the cosmetics on the floor…



Editted to add:  I’m getting ready to open an etsy shop – more news on that to come…!