Tie Dye – Session 3

14 07 2009

Like I said before – lots of tie dye in the last few weeks.  This is the last chunk of photos from my camera, so it should tide everyone over for awhile.

I wish I had taken a shot of the back of this-you can see a bit through the collar.  There are multiple stripes down the back.

I found this white jacket in my “ready to dye” bin, but it doesn’t fit anyone at our house anymore.  I dyed it up and gave to the bubbly little gal down the street, who just LOVED it!  Yay!  I learned that the fluffy stuff inside, and all the thread is in polyester and doesn’t dye at all.  Note to self:  Check labels when buying.

This is the most comfortable skirt – ever – on me!  The side has a waterfall effect that is very artistic, and it is super light from a baby weight jersey. A bit clingy, but any heavier and it wouldn’t drape as nicely.

And the end result:



One response

15 07 2009

where do you get your items to be dyed? do you ever dye yardage?

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