No garment bag? Make one!

25 10 2007

After looking at our motley assortment of luggage, I realized that we had nothing to carry our pirate garb aboard the plane. I wasn’t about to allow the airline to lose our luggage when we needed the garb the very same night! So, I do what every refined seamstress in her right mind does – make a garment bag!

I had some nice dark purple cotton duck in my stash (what the heck was I thinking THIS would work for when I bought it?!?! Oh well, it finally found a place in this world – as always, a personal fabric store is a good thing 🙂 ) and a really long black zipper. I found some crazy optical illusion-y type embroidery designs. Here is the result:

I started out using this as the pattern, but then opted to modify it by adding the zipper and handles. Also faced the upper edge for a bit more strength against hangers, but heck the stuff is hefty – it shouldn’t have issues there!

Grandma and Grandpa F are coming to tend to the Glitter Glue Princess while we galavant around Pennsylvania. Been cleaning up a storm with a certain someone complaining all the way, unless it involves something precarious or loud, like hauling stuff to the attic (who knew an 8-year old could take such an interest in the junk in our attic?) or shredding lots of paper.

A mini Minnie… with a side of canned ham.

13 10 2007

Glitter Glue Princess was in true form today, and I have the pictures to prove it!

I asked her to model her shirt for the Minnie costume and I got this in return.

After a bit of persuasion, I got a couple of “normal” photos.

Still can’t find those blasted ears.  At least if we have trouble locating them she still has her trusty ballcap.

Arrgh, or how to dress like a pirate…

12 10 2007

So, now for the long awaited pirate garb. This has monopolized my sewing time for the last three weeks and I’m just now coming up for air!


Here is my pirate outfit – pardon the dazed look and frazzled hair, it was a long day at work before this was shot:

The chemise is hand drafted and made of pima cotton- not bad for my first try yes? The 8 point skirt is hand dyed after being sewn together, also hand drafted. And the bodice, well, I cheated and bought it off ebay. But….. It is SO cool, man! Look at this thing! Who could turn this down if they were going to a pirate party??? (Besides, I couln’t find the fabric anywhere and I didn’t want a crash course in corsetry!)

Here is S’s outfit:

The vest is a thoroughly modified and adjusted version of the Simplicity Pirates of the Caribbean pattern, but I added fabric to the back, added side slits, drafted a facing to the remove the lining (I made the thing out of stretch satin backed suede, for goodness sakes!) and did a full waist adjustment to give it more ease. There are 15 buttons down the front, but lucky me, the fabric store was selling random metal buttons by the bag for $2! The top is another pattern redraft after my last post on stupid sizing. During the photo session, S complained about the back being too narrow in the top. This will be definitely remade a bit later. I really thinking of hand drafting it too after my success with my outfit and finding some lovely tutorials on the net.

And every pirate needs accessories yes?

The pouch is for me – obviously there is no place to stash anything in my outfit, I drafted the embroidery myself. The nametag was S’s idea – note the obscure Dread Pirate Roberts reference from the Princess Bride. We’d discussed adding “ask me about my multi pillage discount”, but obviously there wasn’t enough room.

Now….. to go finish the facings in a Minnie Mouse shirt and hunt for some missing ears!

Greetings from the fabric stack!

10 10 2007

No, I haven’t fallen face down in the fabric stack and not able to get up, I’ve just been up to me armpits in pirate sewin’ matey!  Along the way I had to make a wee minnie mouse shirt and a goofy pirate nametag with an obscure reference to The Princess Bride – but you will see what I mean.

I promise to post the pirate garb shortly.