Old Dog – New Tricks

29 07 2008

So, I’ve picked up a few new tiedye techniques that I’ve been toying around with. The first was soaking the shirts in soda ash and allowing them to dry overnight. More time to process, yes, but definitely changes HOW the dye is taken in by the fabric. I’m not too concerned about degradation of the fabric due to this – I’ve got some shirts from seven years ago that I used the same technique on when making mandalas. The second is variations in accordian pleating and how the dye is applied to accordian pleating. I’m looking at making different color patterns on either side of the pleat to determine the result.

I finished these, and thought I’d share…. What do you folks think of this technique?

You can see the pleating method best here and note the differences on application. I think this one has the best visual as the woven takes on the dye more readily than the knit – many more discreet additions of liquid can be seen here. Glitter Glue Princess is thinking about using this piece to make the outside of her messenger bag for school.

Not like everybody else

25 07 2008

I thought of this when I was making the post for the pencil cases.

When I photographed the sock monkey bag, I said out loud that I was worried that the sock monkey bag might be too baby-ish for a 5th grader.

Glitter Glue’s immediate response was that she really didn’t care what anyone else thought, and she was going to use it…  End of discussion.

I think me playing the Kinks’ “I’m not like everybody else” since her infancy really sank in, and she actually has her OWN attitudes and perceptions of the world.  Maybe, just maybe, she will lead and just not follow.  At this formative age, it is critical.

For something completely different and in honor of my daughters independent spirit, I’m posting a youtube video of a great cover of this song.  Besides, the little guy in it is just so cute and adorable, it really makes the video!  🙂  Also, alot of the versions out there are from the Sopranos – it’s more fun to watch these two fellas than credits.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

It’s a pencil case parade! We have monkeys! Sorry, no elephants…

25 07 2008

As promised earlier, here is the cavalcade of pencil cases I made over the last week:

I started with flat pouches made from the “magic” fabric – these will be going on etsy soon….

Moving on to rolled pouches.  Took me a while to figure out the engineering on this one…  Squaring off the ends took a few tries.  I gave this one to Miss K who lives next door… Moving to middle school, she will need something nice to carry pencils in from class to class…

Then comes the monkeys!

I had a small amount of the sock monkeys left, and made this larger pouch for Glitter Glue princess to put in her desk.  It’s a bit big compared to Miss K’s pouch. If I’d made it skinnier like Miss K’s, I’d only have had 1 row of monkeys, and that doesn’t constitute a parade!  🙂  Also figured out that I needed to piece it to keep all the monkeys right side up.

All items in the parade were made without purchase of new fabric.  I did have to buy more interfacing, but at least it isn’t fabric, right?  I even had the zippers stashed away.  One small step toward stash reduction, one big step for self control. 🙂

Take THAT, you fiend!

22 07 2008

So, the same person is STILL trying to read my About page, even after I made it private last week – they opened it at least twice.

So, in honor of the anonymous person who is still stalking me: I completely removed it. Good luck trying to find it now – you will get a 404 error.

Sorry to drag all of the rest of you through this… We will resume our regularly scheduled programming very soon, and I will show you some lovely zippered pencil cases I made up….

A reunion with my fabric stash.

21 07 2008

This is one of those *I can’t believe I’m posting this* posts…

My stash was a total wreck….  It took an hour to find what I was looking for last time I went a-digging.  Really, Really Bad Deal…

So… I decided to clean it up. It took 3 hours, but here is the result.

Well, this is actually about 2/3 of it – the rest is in tubs that don’t fit up on the racks.  I need to take a fabric diet for a bit and use some of this up….

The center is my lycra collection and rayon collection – does it look like I have a thing for rayon batik?  I wish I still had the body to wear the swirly swishy dresses I used to make from that stuff – I even had a mod for the Loes Hinse Barcelona dress so I could use shorter width fabrics – any ideas for what would be good for it now?

See the topmost and bottommost tubs on the right?  They are nearly full of painting red rhinos knits and wovens that I didn’t even remember I had…  Me thinks I need to sell these off soon, as Glitter Glue Princess is getting a bit old for them…  I just wonder if it is better to dye them then sell, or let people have at them as is…  If you have an opinion, please let me know…

I actually started this project looking for my remnant of sock monkeys to make Glitter Glue Princess a pencil case for school (turned out it was under my sewing table – Doh!).  In the process, I found the fabric I made this dress from:

This dress was called “the magic dress” because Glitter Glue Princess told me that this fabric was printed with magic (insert jazz hands here when you say it with a funky flare).  That was 7 years ago…  I’m thinking about making this fabric into pencil cases for Etsy and her friends for school.  In the meantime, I’ve got a sock monkey pencil case to finish…!

Why do people search for these things?

19 07 2008

And why do they click to my blog?!?!?!

For a few weeks now, I’ve had at least 4 searches daily for dyeabolical, and the standard stock search for bag patterns, camo couch covers, and webkinz patterns.

Here are a few of the “odd” searches showing up on my dashboard that I just had to share….

  • dress out of waste (umm? )
  • how does a hillbilly dress (I have a variant of this EVERY day – is there a new teen trend that I’m not aware of?)
  • fun with glitter glue  (this one is obvious, but my question is what KIND of fun were they expecting when they searched for it, hmmmm? *eyebrows raised*)
  • princess clothes barcelona (Hmmmm, loes hinse barcelona dress meets my princess outfits for Disney?!?!)
  • skywriting (???? I don’t remember this one…)
  • child kittens in glitter (this one is a real stumper-what the heck were these folks really trying to find?!?!?)
  • how much is frog food at meijer (?!?!? anyone?  anyone?)
  • saturday night ltd ladybug shower curtain (I’m with you folks – I’m clueless again what the point was..)

This was fun…. I’m going to have to do this one more often.  Anyone else want to share their oddities with me?

Some video from Blissfest

16 07 2008

A few Gandalf Murphy videos from our time at Blissfest, taken by S, but uploaded by another fan.

This may be your only opportunity to see people rocking out to christmas carols:

Alice in Space: