December Sewing…. Part 1

21 12 2010

Sewing this month has been stop and go.

I originally planned to make me a lovely dress out of burgundy stretch velvet, and this pattern.  I finished the dress with no fabric to spare, and then realized that it was much too low cut.  Though, it looks good on my dress form, as long as I don’t take off her cover.  Without her cover it resembles a hoochy mama ren-faire dress (excessive bra showing is not my idea of holiday cheer).

Forgive the graininess of the photo.  Given that I had no fabric left to rework the front, and the use of a different fabric to fill in the issue seemed fruitless, this dress was scrapped. (If I make this again, I will be raising the front neckline approx. 3 inches – yes, friends, it was “that” bad.)

I then turned my sights to this dress pattern, and began anew with some purple rayon lycra.  This was the first time I used the pattern, and made no modifications.  Here is the result:

Next on the sewing table is a purse pattern from Square Rose.  But, next on the blog is my foray into sewing with vintage patterns.




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