A miniaturized fleece fest – literally.

28 02 2008

This sew and tell is a bit overdue, as I took the pictures a while back, but later is better than never…

The Glitter Glue Princess wanted a fleece vest. But not just any old vest – she wanted a sleek sophisticated vest, “like skiers wear”. No vest pattern in the girls section was acceptable – too fluffy in the belly, why is there elastic around the bottom, etc, etc. Exasperated, I sat her down at a pattern book, and told her to find one that would work, be it a boys pattern or a girls pattern. Well… She found one in the women’s patterns instead. She picked Kwiksew 3453 as the very vest she absolutely had to have – the pockets were perfect and she loved the shape.

Umm… o.k…  I believe I have created a fit snob….  🙂

She’s a few inches short of fitting in an extra small women’s pattern, no matter how big her feet are. (See that post below.)

After major modifications and miniaturizations, like taking a total of 4 inches out of the torso, taking in the center back, reducing the bust, and reshaping the armholes (!!!), I finished with this:

After all the redrafting, I’d have been better off trying it in my computerized pattern drafting software to start.

She just informed me she wants another, so I think I will try that next time…

I guess this makes me a groupie, right?

27 02 2008

I promised S a while back I would embroider him a shirt for wearing to gandalf murphy concerts.

It turns out there is a concert this coming weekend in Philadelphia we are attending.

Well, I finally got not one, but 3 completed…  The top one and the red one are for S and the other black one is for me…

The derby-bowler hat is one I drew out.  I needed an icon for the band, and decided that this joaziah’s hat was the best thing to use (that, and I couldn’t draw an accordian!).

Only groupies would do their crafts in order to wear to concerts right?

Baby Gift Sewing

23 02 2008

Our friend Joann had a little boy a month ago. I am known for giving an embroidered baby blanket to my friends for their babies, and thusly made one for Jo.

While searching for the fabric for this blanket, I came to the realization that my locally owned fabric store doesn’t seem to have much flannel that would appeal to the masculine side – nearly every printed flannel had some bit of pink in it, that is, but this one… You can’t see it here, but the white stars have a bit of glitter printed on them.

This is a square of flannel, 49″ square (the print was a weird size width). I did a pretty embroidery to accompany the print on the solid side of the blanket, as seen above. I serged it right sides together, leaving an opening for turning. After turning and pressing, I put a heavy decorative edge on it – my experience when the glitter glue princess told me that this type of edge lasted better than the dainty stuff. Also helped you find the edge of the blanket quicker on those bleary-eyed nights after a diaper change.

Glitter Glue Princess also made a bitty gift by cutting out a teddy bear outline and sewing him a little stuffed bear:

Jo really liked the gift…

Sewing and Crafting for the Webkinz

16 02 2008

I get a lot of hits for people searching for “sew” and “webkinz” in the same string. Hopefully, this following post, brought to you by the Glitter Glue Princess, will help those out who are searching for such a thing.

The kidlet thought her girl webkinz could use a cute dress to make them look more girly. On one of her many snow days, I came home from work one day to find that she had created this –

It is basically a tube, size to the body of the webkinz, with holes for the arms and a carwash skirt to accompany the rump. After I gave her accolades for her ingenuity, she made another, but added a tie at the neck to cinch it up a bit.

The boys then all got scarves so they weren’t nekkid either.

On one other occasion, she made a lovely bracelet for one of them:

It is about 2 dozen safety pins adorned with beads and strung on elastic thread.

You too can come up with easy ways to dress your webkinz.

A Birthday Post…

14 02 2008

Snow day sewing…

3 02 2008

Nothing better than a day of sewing when you have a snow day, at least in the Glitter Glue Princess’s eyes. Here are the things she made when she was off on Wednesday…

First a bag and little pocket:

Next a cat pillow filled with fiberfill and catnip. I must say this has been so well received that it doesn’t look like this any more – it has become very mangled and someone has been chewing on it – multiple teethmarks all over it…

Lastly, the purple bookmark shown here (the floral one was from a sewing time at the sitters):

*THIS* is how he spends his time on the computer?!?!

3 02 2008

S has a new pseudonym – he is the Malodorous Dr. Forrester over on Dr. Forrest’s Cheese Factory.Yes, he contributes really, really bad out-of-print music, for your listening enjoyment, if you like that sort of thing. His self-proclaimed title is a homage to Dr. Forrester on Mystery Science Theater….

So, here is his shameless plug – enjoy, drink in the cheeziness that lies in our music closet. Just don’t blame me in the end for any pain and suffering you may incur from listening… 🙂