She’s got the spark!

26 08 2007

This picture says it all….

She decided that the bag the Scrabble letters came in was insufficient and took it upon herself to make a new one for us!

*Just imagine the big smile on my face right now!*

B-12, and no, we are not playing bingo here!

26 08 2007

So… I’ve had this weird health thing go on… Muscle spasms… In my face. Actually, it is in my left eyelid, so it looks a bit weird when it hits.

In addition, I’ve had facial paresthesia(fancy word for tingly numbness) return in my opposite cheek, so I became worried about it being the beginning of who knows what. (I was tested for more things than I can think of about 6 years ago because of nerve problems – nothing ever became of it after the aggressive testing, so the numbness in my face is just an artifact.)

I go to my doctor. He sat and actually read through all the test results from 6 years ago with me, and noticed that the blood work didn’t test for B-12. So he orders about 6 different blood screens, including B-12.

Friday night, he personally calls me at home to tell me that it was indeed a deficiency, so low that it should be worked on immediately. Now THAT, my friends, is why I LOVE my doctor!

So here is my PSA on Vitamin B-12….

Vitamin B-12 is essential for nerve control and balance. It supports the production of red blood cells, allows to nerves to develop, and helps in the metabolism of proteins, carbs, and fat… B-12 deficiency can lead to abnormal neurological and psychiatric symptoms, such as shaky movements, mood disturbances, dementia, and muscle weakness. This deficiency can take 4-6 years to show itself fully, and the body typically has stores of up to 2-3 years. It is most commonly seen in older adults over 50.

O.K. I’m off my soapbox now. Now to finish getting kiddo ready for school

A bit of sewing

18 08 2007

This has been a hectic month – not much accomplished. Too many kidlet parties, too many things to get done before school – it is just a crazy time.

But…. I did finally get the shower curtain sewed together from a couple entries ago… It is for a small shower stall that I’ve just used a nasty blue gingham curtain on for the last few years. Well, it is now properly dressed:

This bathroom is in our basement (mostly used by me in the morning to keep the noise down from the sleeping masses).

After having it up for a few weeks, I *think* I need to dye something a bit lighter – the shower is now pretty dark. This will probably take a year or two to change at the rate it took me to get this one done – HA!

The resultant detris from “real talent” reality shows, like Project Runway…

6 08 2007

The Near-Fame Experience of Being a Bravo Reality Star

So who else read this article? Anyone?

There were some interesting facts that jumped out at me:

  • Most of these contestants (thinking of project runway here) don’t get much in the ways of training in how to sell and manufacture their designs, and most resultant business seems hit and miss, at least in this article, unless you are already established before going on the show. While you may have the talents, you may not have the know how – sure you can design a gown inspired by a rain gutter, but how do you mass produce this article so that it can be sold nationwide? Heidi Klum made a comment in the article about adults finding their own way in the world, but honestly, couldn’t they support a mentoring program to help with the hurdles?
  • Laura Bennet’s husband had to buy back some of her pieces that were being sold by Bravo – I understand the desire to keep some of the pieces, but $13,000?!?!
  • Jay didn’t take the cash prize because he wouldn’t sell out his name for a 10% cut – but… that still doesn’t explain that weird random show they did called “Project Jay”.
  • Most of the contestants may have name power now, in this moment, but some still just can’t “make it work” (my apologies to Tim Gunn for that).
  • The end of this article points out the brutal honesty of the fashion design biz – your name can’t be built overnight, or in a single season of a show – It takes YEARS – and when all is said and done, these people’s names will need to find a way to have longevity. I doubt it will be from the pursuant DVD sales of the shows.

Okay, I’m done with my soapbox. All this being said, I still enjoy watching the shows on Bravo, as the real talent element makes me love them more. I’ll go back to my corner and find something to dye now…