This is what happens when you craft too much….

29 06 2009

Fun with Dry Ice

29 06 2009

This sort of thing makes the Glitter Glue Princess’s friends think we are either totally cool…..  or totally insane.

Miss B thought we were “awesome!”


A profound thought from a mermaid

27 06 2009

This quote was on the bottom of an email from my friend teri:

A party without cake is really just a meeting… ~Julia Child

I really, really need a shirt with this on it….  And a big slice of cake!

Other shots from Anaheim

11 06 2009

I told you earlier that Saturday was my birthday.  My goal was to get straight from the airport to Disneyland to use the free entry on your birthday offer.

I was flying United, and after my first leg to Denver, I found they had oversold the flight by 30 (!!!!) seats.  I stood patiently in line, planning my plan of attack on this, as I could see that the counter people weren’t having a good time arguing with the people who couldn’t understand what they were trying to do.  I get to the front of the line, where a counter person (also named Jill!) helps me.  She immediately states that I have to take the flight 4 hours from now.  I put on my sad face, and tell her that it’s my birthday, Disney is where I’m headed, and I simply cannot go that late or lose my free entry.  She looks at me, and says that it simply won’t do, another person named Jill missing her birthday at Disneyland, and puts me in first class!  🙂

My Karma balanced its self out when I was trying to cross the street to get to the car rentals and tripped – went flying and landed on my palms and knees – something adults really should avoid doing.  I discovered that the 6 people in the cars waiting for me to cross the street were much more self absorbed than I expected, when noone helped me up, and started honking for me to hurry out of their way.  😦

Regardless, I made my way to Disney, rode three roller coasters, as well as some familiar rides, all without incident.  I should tell you that when you wear the birthday pin at Disneyland, EVERY EMPLOYEE tells you happy birthday and calls you by name.  At first, it was great, but after 4 hours of it, it got a little weird.

All Glitter Glue Princess wanted from the trip was pressed pennies, especially since she had no interest in the roller coaster part of it.  I picked these up for her:

The first day of the food show, I figured out the scam going by parking at the convention center – $10, with no re-entry.  Not acceptable, when I can park on Disney property for $12 with unlimited re-entry and simply take a shuttle.  Admittedly, it took longer, but I enjoyed the benefit of being able to go off-site when necessary….  Regardless, I would have to pass in front of the parks when I did this, and one day, I encountered this:

So cute – it showed up on Tuesday when I made my travels to the Grand Californian for the shuttle.

Remember my hubbie’s obsession with Cones?  I took this shot just for him:

Photos of the sunset, taken at Huntington Beach:

when Food Geeks get together, it looks something like this….

11 06 2009

This was how I spent the last few days of my life – amongst the professional food geeks of the world (actually, we call it the Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting and Food Expo).

I sat through exciting courses such as mind mapping new menu items, new product technologies, project management, partnering for innovation – you get the idea.

From the keynote session – The Current Economy and the Future of Food.

A long shot of the booths to go through.