Chaos – Rest in Peace

12 01 2011

Chaos came to us in the fall of 1993, as we moved into our first home.

Chaos has weathered many a storm during his life, and now, 18 years later, has passed on to the great kitty cat-stand in the sky…  In the end, he had been knocked down by renal failure and diabetes.  His last day was on Monday.

Here are some pictures to remember his better times, most taken when digital cameras were brand new.

These pictures are how I prefer to remember him.

Goodbye, my little “cinderblock of love”….



2 responses

14 01 2011
Mike K

Hi Chaos! Maybe you’ve met my Ming and Kipper up where you play now! I hope so…

16 08 2011

Hi, This message from Paris/ France, I look at your pictures (i’m sorry for your cat, I know the pain to loose an animal).. What was my surprise, exactly the portrait of our cat ! (her name is “Scipion” like Rome general’s name).
She’s scared everytime by everywhere, except us! We found her 8 years ago, on a rainy night alone in a hole, a baby who left her mother…I’ll try to send you some pictures, you can check the ressemblance by yourself.

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