A Visit with the Mouse – part 6

27 02 2009

Chef Mickey Photos:

Unfortunately, Pluto didn’t visit us.  He passed right by our side room and visited a different section of the restaurant instead.


This was our last meal at the World.

I will close with one of my favorite photos I took….

A Visit with the Mouse – part 5

24 02 2009

Here are photos from our Supercalifragilistic Breakfast:

Oh, and when we got back our room, housekeeping left Glitter Glue Princess’s daybed in the following condition:

Sooooo sweet.

Next post will be photos from Chef Mickeys….

A Visit with the Mouse – Part 4

23 02 2009

A few photos from the Jungle Cruise:

Moving on to the Character Meals next….

And now, a cone break.

22 02 2009

This is not my idea, but S needed shots of cones.  Yes, I have taken pictures of cones at Disney World now, and it appears that they have a skittles rainbow of color.

A visit with the mouse – part 3

21 02 2009

This is a mesh of a couple days.

From Disney Studios, this was from my favorite ride:

Toy Story Mania – such fun.  S wanted a picture of the lamp for one of his cartooning friends, so I took a better shot of it…

It is the Pixar lamp at the beginning of the movies!  Same pose and everything!

When we were at Epcot one of the days, Belle was out front!

More to come….  Many character meals await….

A visit with the mouse – part 2

20 02 2009

Pictures from Magic Kingdom….

Pinocchio was out for a signing, since his film is remastered on DVD next month…

This is what it looks like when the traffic is fairly heavy in the magic kingdom….  Betcha don’t see this too often…

Glitter Glue Princess got her wish of meeting fairies – it only took waiting in line for a bit…

The entire affair shocked her a bit, as you can see from her expression above.  They just talked and talked and talked to her, and kind of put her in shock…

Forgive the fuzziness…

A visit with the mouse – part 1

19 02 2009

Our first day was at Animal Kingdom – we’ve always shrugged away from staying for any length of time there on past trips – it has been either a) too hot, b) too crowded or c)both.  We managed to fit in the finding nemo musical, which was incredibly good.  We all liked it.

Since the Glitter Glue Princess had absolutely no desire to ride the dinosaur ride, we split up to do it.

We did our standard character signatures, meeting Brer Bear, Flik and Baloo (a first for us).

This was the trip that Glitter Glue Princess began to collect two new things – pins (specifically tinkerbell pins) and her new love…. Pressed coins.  We had 5 (!!) machines in the escalator area to the monorail, and I think she got nearly every penny design they had.  51 cent souvenirs – can’t beat that!!!