Some me time in the Fabric Gallery

30 06 2007

With everyone gone, I went on a quest for new towels – ours are decrepit and need full replacement, not just one or two but ALL of them need replacing. So, I took a little jaunt to Ikea. The ones I liked had no washclothes, and there were only white ones that would work with my spray dyed green shower curtain. So I left with things that were not the intended point of driving all that way (that happens whenever you get within 10 miles of the place – random things come swishing up to you and insist you purchase them, like a 30 foot roll of drawing paper).

Totally bummed, I decided to stop in Williamston at Fabric Gallery on my way home for a little midway break in the drive. This is what insisted be taken home:

A very lovely piece of Echino Chinese twill (it says duck, but I don’t think it is heavy enough to be duck). The ladybug repeats every foot or so. Forgive the grainy pics from my cell phone, as my camera is in another state right now… The green next to it in the first pic is a piece of binodal rayon with a crossweave of black against bright green.

This more than makes up for the towel situation. Now off to Kohl’s to see if any are on sale…

Swimshirt done- now for some skirts & shirts for me.

29 06 2007

I got the waist adjustment figured out using the cut to bust point and then cut to the edge radially to the side seam and open it up.  Worked like a charm – did this on both front and back due to her shape.  Fit is great, with even a bit of room to grow in.  Her mom and dad are happy with it too.  I bartered it for a day of babysitting.

Now onto my Jalie patterns and the Barcelona skirt.  Yay! It’s amazing what I can accomplish when no one is here to interrupt.

Ahhh – peace and quiet

29 06 2007

S and the Glitter Glue Princess flew away yesterday to Washington DC with Grandma.  Tonight they are having a private tour of the White House and had to cleared by the Secret Service. (One of S’s Pink Floyd friends is in Homeland Security and set them up.)  Sunday they are going to see the pandas at the zoo – the highlight of the trip.

And, I’m staying home… alone!  Someone has to stay home to take care of the kitties and all that.  No one to distract me while I sew.  I can actually go watch a movie with a higher than PG rating.

The swim shirt had been modded and cut out.  It’ll be sewn up this weekend and I can make me some lovely skirts and tops.

Putting in a plug for the Cheese Lady

25 06 2007

I’ve been getting my cheese regularly from the Cheese Lady for the past few summers when we go to the local Farmer’s Market.  I just found out that she has a real store – oh happy day! *clasping my hands in joy!*  Last saturday, we went down and picked up a wonderful 4-year Sharp Canadian Cheddar, picked up a bit of Aussie Cheddar, and she told me of this new development.  Yay!  Now I don’t have to wait till the summer!  No more waiting for Lemon Stilton!  I’d gladly give up all meat in my life for some Stilton and Canadian Cheddar!

O.k.  Off the happy yelling box now…

Psst – she does mail order gifts too…!

So many plans, but a necessary project first.

25 06 2007

So, I made these grandiose plans for sleeveless shirts and skirts.  Got the new Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt and a lovely piece from her charm collection with paisleys.  But…  that is all on hold for now…

Saturday night our neighbor, L. asked if I could make Miss Kate a rash shirt like the Glitter Glue Princess’s.  Her little shoulders are getting fried from the summer.  Of course, who am I to turn down someone who I know appreciates my sewing – if I don’t start now, the summer will be over before I get to it.  We have all the fabric ready to go, deep blue and sky blue lycra.   I took her measurements and looked at the charts.  She is pretty much the same width from bust to hip, which is a new adjustment I hadn’t had to do for many moons since I used to sew for people – I’ve been making things skinny for so long for glitter glue princess, I think I’ve forgotten how to do it…  If anyone has any tips, send them in the comments section.

I have to find a way to make this look great so my little neighbor feels good about herself in my outfit – girls at this age need to feel great about themselves, and I’d hate for a 10 year old to feel constrained by sizing.

Summer Reading, Watching, Listening, Sewing

21 06 2007

What the Glitter Glue Princess is reading: Mary Poppins

What she’s been watching (when she’s not glued to old Jetsons cartoons on Boomerang): Magic School Bus

What I’ve been listening to in the car: Step on a Crack

What I’ve been sewing: I’ve given up on the cabo halter – the top was given a full thumbs down by the Princess for me to be seen in public wearing it – she still thinks it is too immodest for her mother to wear. I’m moving on…

I’m going to make a gored skirt from a Jalie Pattern next… Have a lovely piece of heavy burgundy knit that might fit the bill.

Also ordered me some new shirt patterns from Jalie as well –

Perhaps these will look alright finished and not put my personally sewn garments in the hoocheemama category anymore and the glitter glue princess will stop giving me the once-over on the sewing table!

Rippin’ and Rantin’

18 06 2007

So, I finally got the chance to make the Cabo Halter for myself.  I selected a lovely Michael Miller Paisley for it.

I’m happily chugging along, draping the pieces across me as I sew darts and the kid is sitting 15 feet away laughing her brains off – I ask what was wrong, and she inquires if the bits I’m laying across my shoulders are all that the top is made of.  Ummmm…..Noooooo…  I get it – she doesn’t want her mama going in public in a bra.  O.k.  Hahaha.

 I’m still chugging on this thing after a couple more of my early morning sessions and I get to the invisible zipper.  No problem, except *this* zipper decided to commit suicide as I was trying the top on the first time by splitting open – it wasn’t tight enough to split from force, so I still don’t know why it did that.  O.k.  I’ll rip it out.

The second zipper decided to stay alive this time.  But….  The upper bodice is not good – it gaps in the sides by the arms and *much* too low cut.  The kid’s solution for the low cut issue – tie it up soooo high that I look like a hunch back.  Um… No.  I’ve currently got the center front ripped open and trying to rotate the gaps from the side front by bringing down the overlapping part in the front.  There MAY be a chance I can save it yet and still be modest enough that the kid doesn’t attack me to tie my shirt up again!

I’m not thrilled, and had read about how some people had loved this top.  Who am I fooling? This top won’t work on me…   I can always tell when there is no hope – my brain automatically starts planning the next project as soon as issues like this come up.

I think I need a new skirt next.