Lust, Greed and Envy… Measured by Kansans

27 04 2009

Filing this under “why on earth did they get research money to do this?”

My lovely alma mater gets it’s name in the papers for using statistics to determine the areas of the United States that have succombed to the 7 deadly sins.

Looks like we are all fairly envious and gluttonous.

The greedy ones are well interspersed across the nation, with an awful lot in CA.

There seems to be an awful lot of lust on the lower Mississippi for some reason.

We are all proud of our wrath of sloth too.


I know there is a joke in here somewhere.  Maybe someone can help me find it.

Honey, It’s Time….

22 04 2009

No, no, no – not that kind of time, silly. 🙂

I put in the call to get the mortgage paid off….

9 years early.

(That sound is me, doing a happy dance in the corner)

Our goal was to pay off the house before the Glitter Glue Princess hit High School, and we are beating that goal by a long shot, since she starts 6th grade next fall.

I think we need to have a party….  🙂

To state and back!

12 04 2009

Glitter Glue Princess’ team did very well at the state championships….

They placed sixth out of 21 teams across the state. A pretty good feat for her first time in.

Quite a few of our teams placed in the top 6, and we came really close to having our youngest team go to globals – they placed third.

For now, it is time to pack up the duct tape and foam board, and move on to other ventures.

It’s coming…..

12 04 2009

Tie dye season is rapidly approaching.  Yay!!!!!  Time to drag the buckets out to the yard again!