A Gandalf Murphy Weekend…

30 10 2008

I’ve been very remiss in getting these up – mainly because S’s computer decided to take a dive and his computer is the resident video machine.  Anyway, for the Gandalf Murphy folks……  Here you go…

Tink from the Whitehall concert

Cape Code Girls from the Ann Arbor Pirate Ball

I went as Alice in Space – had my hair in a semi beehive, with my 60’s style light up circle skirt.  Unfortunately, I have no shots of the skirt – lights do not film well if you want a picture of the dress.  You’re forced to choose between a shot of the face or a shot of the lights – not both…  That said, I know at least 4 people took pictures, and maybe one of them could send me a link (hint, hint!!!)  🙂 .

Her Science Project

14 10 2008

Here is what the Glitter Glue Princess has been concocting the last couple of weeks.  She took a bouncy ball and a piece of mat board and created this for her Astronomy Science project:

It is not yet put together of course, but you get the idea….

Autumn has fallen

12 10 2008

O.k. So I lied about the next post being costumes – I just had to share the view of my back yard from the early morning today….  THIS is why I like Michigan – we actually have 4 seasons here.

And….  Just for those of you who live south of Oklahoma, a view of what is to come here in the near future (taken last winter…). Actually, it was snowing by now a couple years back, so I just consider us fortunate for a bit.

Random Musings on My New Job

11 10 2008

So I started my new position this week.  But there is a *little* issue, actually a couple:

-I have no office.  The office of my predecessor was occupied by someone else when I arrived.  They began building me an office, but it is dark and at the end of a hallway.  No natural light.  Blech…  This will not be good for someone who goes nuts in the middle of winter from lack of sunlight.  It won’t be ready for at least a month, at the pace of progress I’ve witnessed this week.  Over the course of a week, I’ve gotten – *tada* A Door!!!!

-I have no computer – probably not a big deal, since I have no furniture nor an office to put it in.  At least I can log in from my coworker’s computer, but that is just so…  awkward…

-Plant manager has been transferred.  She leaves at the end of next week.  New guy starts next week.  Well, at least I’ve got a bit more seniority than the new guy, right?

-My boss drove over from Chicago, since there were no upper management people on site for the day I started.  Hmmm… Just what the heck is that about?  Is there something I don’t know about?

I love the position, at least as it is now.  Noone knows I exist….  yet.  I’ve made breads, and have had fulfilling discussions on the subject, learned about the intricacies of our manufacturing process from someone who really understands them.  A REAL interaction that is collaborative – I’ve so missed this after 4 years.

I’m trying to get a cell phone.  Boss told me I could expense it monthly.  People in the plant want me to get a Sprint phone, but I absolutely abhor push to talk communication, with it’s dorky chirping and everyone hearing the conversation.  Besides, the phone only had *1* bar in my house, next to a window.   Now the folks in my plant are all acting like I’m too good for them – NO!  To me, low bars at my home renders it null and void for using a Sprint phone.  I’m basically left with Verizon as my option out here in the sticks.  Maybe ATT, but by the maps there are a LOT of dead zones in my commute.  I’m considering a smart phone but haven’t figured out which one yet.  Anyone have any suggestions?

The next post will most likely be photos of our outfits for the pirate ball…. Stay tuned.

It’s not you, really.

6 10 2008

Dear Ottobre Design,

I regret to tell you that I need to cancel my subscription to the kids portion of your magazine.  You see, my daughter basically doesn’t want me to sew her clothes anymore, unless they are mainstream, and “non funky”.  This limits me to things that aren’t as European styled as I like her to wear, but I do not want her to feel singled out at school.

Of late, I’ve been either using Jalie, or modified adult Kwik Sew patterns to sew for her.

I DO plan to keep the womens subscription, as I will happily fall into the “funky” category.  Besides, I still need the joy of finding the infamous white envelope in my mailbox, rushing in the house and devouring every style contained in its pages.

Please do not take it personally, Ottobre.  It could just be a phase, and if so, I will use this year to purchase from some retailers who sell your magazine online.  If it is not a phase, then please understand the changing tastes of a preteen who wants to fit in, after years of being unique.



One of my vices

3 10 2008

I have a *teeny, tiny* addiction to Randal Spangler art…  I have more than 25 pieces of his art in my closet, and even have a couple of little sculptures from his Christmas series.  I became a fan from his early appearances at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival when we were first married, and S has basically got himself a guaranteed wonderful Christmas gift ever since….  His work is whimsical, and I love it.

This is the print that resides in my hallway, called Flights of Imagination:

Well, I found an artisan at the Michigan Renaissance Festival who was selling Spangler – of course, I had to have one.  It wasn’t framed, and I will send it back to Mr. Spangler for matching framework, but it is lovely, nonetheless.  It is called Night Watch:

It is vaguely reminiscent of a few other cat based works I own, like Something Fishy Going On, which I haven’t hung for a while, and We Three Kings, that is still hanging in my living room even though it is not Christmas.

*Sigh*…  I always miss him when he is up here, which is not too often, but I’m glad to have found another piece to add to my collection.

More Groupie Crafting with a side of fun…

3 10 2008

S came up with a new slogan he wanted for a shirt to wear to the next Gandalf Murphy concert (October 17).  I embroidered this up for him in the midst of working on my dress, and he graced me with a modeling.

Then, ummm, we were overtaken by a kid who decided that her dad having a photo session alone was unacceptable…..

Have a lovely weekend everyone…..!