A saga of some wrap pants.

6 07 2009

Last weekend, we did lots of tie dying – many pics to come later.  But…  This post is a saga.  About wrap pants.  Just follow me for a bit…

I got this crazy notion that I needed some light airy pants to wear to the folk music festivals this summer.  Also, they would be great for lounging around the house, after a long hot day at the bakery.  So, I bought this pair from Dharma Trading. They were beautiful, and fit well when they arrived.

After washing and dying however, they were a bit, um, what is a nice term, scant of fabric on the sides.  I was showing more thigh than I cared to.

Fortunately, they fit the Glitter Glue Princess perfectly!  Admittedly they are a hair long, but they give her full coverage, which is great.  She just likes to fiddle with the ties too much, which is annoying.

I took the pair that didn’t fit and drafted a pattern with an additional 4″ on the side that ties.  The nice thing about the pattern is that there is only one real seam in the pants – the crotch seam.  Aside from hemming, there really isn’t much to making a pair of these.  Winging it a bit and building my own pair, I shortened them to capri length, and came up with this:

They don’t look like much here, but once washed and dried, they look like this:

Forgive the weird slanty thing going on- the tie wasn’t fully tied in the back, so I was pulling on them, which caused the weird tug thing going on.

I like how they dyed up.  I just ordered another 6 yards of rayon challis to make more….



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