Here’s what’s on my cutting board today

24 01 2009

Now that her bag is done, I’ve got MY bag drafted. It is going to be a messenger bag, like glitter glue princess’s tie dye book bag for school, just smaller.

I’ve got the embroidery layout figured out, so that one piece doesn’t end up upside down.

Now all I have to do is cut….  That is always the hardest part for me.  I don’t know why, well…  actually I know why.  I know that I haven’t seen this mickey mouse fabric anywhere, so is must be discontinued.

Off to sewing…

Drumroll please….

23 01 2009

kreativbloggerMiss  Teri of the Mermaids nominated me for a Kreative Blogger Award.  (This has me tearing up a bit, like winning some big thing on the tv.)

The rules state that I must now pass along the award to seven of my favorite blogs….  I want to recommend my entire google reader list, but I think that would be a bit awkward.

Here are the official rules:

1. Copy the award to your site – 2. Link to the person from whom you received the award – 3. Nominate 7 other bloggers – 4. Link to those on your blog – 5. Leave a message on the blogs you nominated.

After looking backwards through the lists, quite a few of my favs are on the list already.  So here are my additions, in no particular favorite order.

  1. Frank Notes – Frank has had some very trying times and grand celebrations over the last year, and a bunch of the women on sewing mamas have backed him all the way.  Yes, he sews, and he sews beautifully… and, he makes gorgeous cakes!  He writes so eloquently that you feel how much he is in the moment.  His is one of the first blogs I check on every day, just to see his son and what is new in his life…
  2. A Moveable Feast –   She dyes, she weaves…  She makes beautiful fibre works of art.  She inspires me.
  3. Joe Pastry – a guy who bakes, and he takes us with him every step of the way!  While I never blog about baking, I do blog a teeny bit about work, which is all about baking now with my new job.  It’s hard for me to want to do serious baking at home when I do it all day, but his work inspires me to get out the pans at home again.
  4. My Dyeing Day – Another gal who dyes, sews, and I love to see the kids in their gorgeous outfits.
  5. Sewer-Sewist – the tag team duo of Sarah and Josh – they sew, they screenprint, and they are truly fun to read.
  6. The Slapdash Sewist – her work is beautiful and inspires me every time.
  7. Lastly, the cheeze factory.  It’s not about the creative sewing or anything, but it is always serious fun.  Besides, hubski sometimes contributes. It’s music – it’s good for you.

Now that the patches are off

23 01 2009

It turns out I’m not allergic to nickel as originally suspected, but I AM allergic to formaldehyde resin.  It seems to be most commonly used in industrial adhesives, for bonding fabric and leather to vinyl (ie in my shoes) and in 3M micropore tape.

It still doesn’t explain why I haven’t been able to wear earrings for the last 18 years, does it?

Oh well, you close one door and open another, I suppose.

Now I have this red square on my back that I plan to itch for awhile, if  you will excuse me….

Darn that allergy doctor.

19 01 2009

I’ve got these obnoxious contact dermatitis patches on my back and nothing to scratch them with.  Argh!

And they don’t come off till Thursday – Double Argh!

Thinking about a calgon moment, oh yeah, no bathing with them on!  AAAAARGH!

Guess I’ll have to drown my sorrows in wine – good thing that box was on sale last week…  Aaaaah!

This land was made for you and me…

19 01 2009

Quick!  Watch it before it gets taken down, like the others I saw!

This drove me to tears…

finishing the bag and starting another…

18 01 2009

So, I had one of those fateful weeks where you were always three steps behind yourself.  I had a business trip that took me to Chicago – a typical 4 hour drive from my home.  The testing had it’s normal issues of startups – ingredient issues, equipment issues, people hovering issues – the standard stuff.  But, we made good progress and got the project moving right along.

The fun started on my drive home.  The metro/railroad broke down, so escaping from town proved futile.  I had hoped to be home by 10, and by 9 gave up.  I stayed overnight about halfway through.  On my second half home,  I had about 300+ pounds of ingredients in my trunk and still couldn’t keep from sliding on the road…  It took 4.5 hours to travel what should have taken less than 2 hours…  I don’t want to travel for a bit.

On to the weekend sewing:

The tinkerbell bag is done!  Yay!

This will appease the glitter glue princess for the disney trip.

So, now I’m prepping MY bag…  I’m hoping the use a mickey for the embroidery.  No pictures yet, but will post soon after I get the design put on.

A work in progress

5 01 2009

Here is the front of Glitter Glue Princess’ bag for Disney World that I finished embroidering last night.

She selected a satchel style messenger bag to carry her stuff around in, particularly her autograph books.  It will have a pencil holder, as well as her identification embroidered into it  in the event that it might be needed. She decorated these over the holiday…

Have you picked up the theme yet?  🙂