What a pair!

27 10 2009

And such lovely matching jackets too!



And now for something completely different – bread and fashion!

9 10 2009

Bread sculpture inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Ah, my two worlds meet.  Wish I could go….

One more halloween costume nearly done…sort of… maybe…

6 10 2009

So….  I had to make an executive decision – the neon had to go – it wasn’t working as I hoped it had.  Here is a picture before I removed it:

The overskirt simply wouldn’t lay right at all.  If I had wanted an external hoop on a skirt, it might have done the trick, but the wire was just too inflexible.

It looks better without it….

What is very subtle here is the lighting under the planets – they do sort of glow in daylight, but when the lights get turned off:

I actually have two more items to complete for my costume.

I need a black petticoat, as I used one from a long ago costume to take these shots, and it really doesn’t fit anymore (hmmm, maybe that was WHY it was in the daughter’s dress up box!).  I just couldn’t wear it for two nights in it’s current state.

And I need a nice-plain-not-filthy-looking-or-festooned-with-slutty-‘pirate’-lace pirate hat.  They don’t exist this year.  Why does every pirate hat either go with the pirate mini dresses, or look like it was dragged through the mud to emulate Jack Sparrow?  I bought black denim and a small piece of ultrasuede for edging, and will make a nice, plain pirate hat from that.  I will use the same method as used last year for the miniature pirate hat, and just enlarge it.

S’s tuxedo needs more gold spray paint, and then someone needs to paint the skull on the back.

Thank goodness I still have a week and a half!

Hmmmm – maybe the neon would make a good hatband.

A preview of things to come

5 10 2009

More later when I have time to write….

Progress on my costume

2 10 2009

One more piece finished – the underskirt for my costume is done.  It is a 3/4 circle skirt – I simply didn’t have enough of this fabric to do a full circle, and was pushing it as it was.

Note the planetary fabric in the background.  That is the overskirt.

I recognize that they totally don’t match – no worries as the underskirt matches the pirate corset.

Hopefully, it will look like the following in the dark when I use my LED’s and neon:

The neon will go on the outside, and I’m going to sew the LED’s to tulle beneath the planets.  We all agreed that they were a little too bright to endure as an external lighting – they needed something to dull down the shock of them.  Now the skirt becomes a projector of sorts!

We are going to an extraterrestrial pirate ball, after all!

Now the question I have to figure out is if the tulle should be attached to the planets, or if I should keep them separate…

…Did I mention that the neon lines can flash?  I may be responsible for sending someone into seizures…hehehe.  Or, maybe I’ll be nice and just leave them on a normal setting.

Boy, I’m going to need a place to hide all the spare batteries!

And, a parting photo of my studio guest, who prefers to sleep while I sew – Mickey:

Off to do more geometry for this skirt – nothing like trying to remember how to measure ellipses and circles!