the card preview…

22 11 2009

Here are the pic’s that Glitter Glue Princess and I selected for the holiday cards – they are currently in queue at


This was the photo selected for the backs of the cards – more what he looks like when totally crazed.  This was the kiddo’s favorite photo, but not very appropriate for a holiday card, in my mind, except maybe halloween or day of the dead.

And now she is 11….

21 11 2009


The annual birthday trip.

21 11 2009

This year, the glitter glue princess decided that she wanted to go back to American Girl Place in Chicago for her birthday.  We stayed with my friend J this year – he lives so close to downtown, you could walk there if you wanted.

She purchased the Kirsten doll, since they will no longer sell her at the end of the year.  I had to put my name on a list, as they are preventing people from buying more than three of anything that has Kirsten’s name on it.

Here are a some lovely shots of the trip:


Herding cats is hard!

20 11 2009

Tried to get the little black monster to pose for a christmas card photo.

Yeah….   Right…..

The demon was too distracted by my two prop assistants that he always turned his head away when I had what I thought was a good shot.  Took twenty shots, got one good one.

I think I’ll try this again in the morning, when the house is quiet, and noone else is around.  The girls had distracted him, so he was coming down off a catnip high while the shots were being taken.

….This was worse than trying to get cute baby shots.

hmmm…. should I do this next year for halloween?

17 11 2009

There’s enough time, I could probably figure out how to do it!

By golly, she’s got it!

16 11 2009

Took the glitter glue princess to the American Girl Place in Chicago to celebrate her birthday this week.  More pictures from that later…

One sewing related thing that happened is the girlie saw this outfit:

She absolutely LOVED the skirt, but couldn’t bear to spend her own money on it – she earned money from donations to Goodwill, from the americangirl surveys we take, and from relatives.

She started looking inside to see how it was made, noting the elastic used to make the gathers.  With much excitement in her voice, she described in exact detail how it could be made at home.  It just clicked, and she realized that she could make one just exactly as she wanted, in the color that she preferred, and long enough to get to her knees. (Tall girlies have trouble finding things that feel modest enough, you know….)

Guess what lined a-line skirt is coming up on our sewing together time?

What I did for Halloween – part two

8 11 2009

On to photos from the costume ball.  You see, Gandalf Murphy came out as 4 different acts – their pirate personas, their hillbilly personas, their extraterrestrial personas, and as the band.  Aerialists performed between the acts.  A whole lot of pictures follow:

Part 1 – Pirates


Part 2 – Hillbillies

Part 3 – Extraterrestrials

Part 4 – The Circus

Pictures of others:

See those lovely stickers on S’s shirt and Mr T’s hat?  That was the only way they were allowed to film the show.  We’ve learned all about the intricacies of the videographer’s union in New York from this experience!

It was over 4 hours of nonstop fun.  Unfortunately, I had arranged for a driver at midnight – silly me for assuming it would be over by then.  We missed the last few songs and encores.  Neither of us were thrilled with the thought of walking home after the show with video equipment.  We had an early flight the next day anyway.

In the meantime, back at home, the Girlie Girl informed us that we had at least 500 kids come by for halloween, and Grandma was overwhelmed.  Next time, we may just have to take the whole family and take a pass on halloween at home….