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14 04 2010

Spring sewing I

14 04 2010

Finally got some sewing in for me – found a lovely marimekko-esque inspired print at my local fabric store, and used Kwiksew 3372 for the pattern.

And if you couldn’t see the print clearly enough – the girlie has you covered!

I wish I could wear skirts at work, but that is not a possibility in our plant.

Lookie at the haul that came in the mail!

2 04 2010

When we left our saga of the halloween costume, we had some lovely chalkboard fabric.

Girlie saw these on ebay.

The top and bottom center ones were in the running for her costume at this moment, and she has started leaning toward the bottom row turquoise number.

Everyone else will help with her “Nancy Drew” alter ego.

I think I filled the quota, now the deer can leave me be

2 04 2010

Two deer in one year. Third since we moved here 17 years ago.

$4000 to fix.

Pics are grainy, but say enough.

She comes home today after getting fixed.

Thank you Progressive!