Costumes? Already? I blame the internet…

27 02 2010

The girly girl has been pondering halloween costumes since Nov 1.  I call it “Extreme Advanced Planning”.

First up, her originating idea – a disco ball.  I blame this website for her idea.  We planned to do it using a beach ball under the paper mache (easier and cheaper to work with than a 3 foot weather balloon), and many mylar balloons for the glitter squares.  She planned to put her ipod inside with a mini speaker.   Oh…. and I was to make disco costumes for her friends.

Um…. O.K……

Well, that all just got thrown out the window!  Her new idea is inspired by this fabric from Equilter:

She also wants some chalkboard fabric from Nancy’s notions:

She won’t let me say any more, so I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on what she is planning.

Besides, it will probably morph and change in the next 6 months, so she doesn’t want to lock herself in just yet.

My Peeps…

22 02 2010

I couldn’t find a tax form on a stock dividend. It was sent to us last October – it was put in the bucket of “papers too important to toss, but not important enough to file” at the time. Now that it is important to get the taxes completed, it had to be fished out.

While going through the bucket, I found an unopened package of chocolate cat peeps I bought and hid from the girly girl last Halloween. I fished them out, and put them on top of the tub.

Kiddo walks up after I put the peeps on the tub.

“Cool! Halloween Peeps!”, she says.

Then, she proceeds to poke them….

Many times….

“Huh! They’re still squishy!”, then walks away.

Peeps appear to have the shelf life of a Twinkie.

Shoe Day Saturday

21 02 2010

My shoes for work were old and really nasty – no doubt about it, I needed new shoes.

Note to self – never take a kid with you who can wear the same size shoe as you.  You will fight over the shoes…  Two stores later, everyone had shoes, but some of us were mad at our moms for wanting the same ones.

Guess who the shoes belong to….

Mine won’t be totally practical for work with the weaving, but they are still cute.

The only problem will be hiding them so she doesn’t steal them from me.


20 02 2010

Way back when I said I was working on the Sew Tessuti Favorite Top…  Well, I failed to post photos.  Here they are:

I do like it with a bit more length, but I made it as wide as the fabric, so this was as long as it would go.

Many complements and requests for me to make more.  I think a suggestion to the lovely folks at tessuti would be to give it a funnel or cowl neck for a change of pace.


Next up on the overdue list:  Valentine’s day.

Embroidered pillowcases were made for the girlie girls bestest friends.

Everyone ended up with an identical pillowcase – a big success!

No words – does she look smarter?

19 02 2010

No Words – Wabbit Hunting!

11 02 2010