The Thinker and The Falls

28 05 2007

This past Thursday was a members only night at Meijer Gardens. S had to work, so Glitter Glue Princess and I went on our own. They were opening the Amazing Chocolate Tree exhibit, which was nice, and put some realism to how chocolate is made. Unfortunately for the Glitter Glue Princess, she has a food geek for a Mom, and we’d discussed the chocolate making process a few times, so it was a bit of a downer. They have added some nice touches, like using ground cocoa nibs for the ground cover around the trees in the conservatory so everything smells chocolatey, and changing the senses garden to be more food oriented.

They had earlier installed the borrowed installation of Rodin’s Thinker, and we were blessed with the opportunity to see it without major crowds about, which gave more time for reflection, and for GGP to really get to look at it.
I really like our permanent Rodin sculpture of Eve, so I enjoyed this too. It didn’t hurt that it was across from our favorite place in the garden – the Waterfall. Here are some really poignant pics of the kiddo…

Hope everyone has a peaceful and poignant memorial day! We are off to the parade…

The Paper Crane Project

26 05 2007

Glitter Glue Princess and I submitted requests for the paper crane project about a 1.5 months ago.  Flickr pictures of submissions are here.  Eshu made us both a crane in exchange for us sending her a picture of each for a project she is planning later.

Anyway, I thought I’d share the pics we like:

The last two are the ones we plan to print for her.

The Magic Spritz Bottle…

25 05 2007

So…. The Glitter Glue Princess came in from playing, complaining of being too hot. She was a big cranky show, just for me…
I suggested a bath – NO!
Okay, I said, I’ll fix it. She says, with the sinister tone of doubt in her voice – “what are you going to do to me”. I finally convinced her, but she was still sooooo dubious.

I grabbed the hair spritz bottle and sprayed her all over, all the while she was screaming her brains out and running away and howling about how cold it was.

After I had finished, she informed me that she wanted her OWN bottle. She went downstairs and got one out of the tiedye stuff and filled it up with water and bits of ice from the icecube tray, as if it weren’t cold enough to start.

She then proceeded to spray her body – over and over and over, using about a fourth of the bottle in one sitting. She then farted and proceeded to spray her bottom, claiming it would mask the odor.

Immediately before bed, she requested another full body spritz to cool down before I could put the sheet over her.

Long live the magic spritz bottle.

Hooray for my new embroidery software, and a bit of an Ebay rant…

22 05 2007

My software arrived on Monday – yay!  The interface will be easy for me to quickly pick up and digitize, after tinkering with it for a bit yesterday.  So all is good there.

So, I won the software on Saturday the 12th, I paid at the same time.  The seller emailed me on Monday stating he wouldn’t ship till Wednesday (I really couldn’t complain about it – shipping was free).  I emailed him on Sunday, asking for a tracking number.  Got it AFTER the software arrived – he blamed the change in postal rates for the confusion (?!?! – I thought that was earlier in the week – how could that have anything to do with shipping out the software?)  As it turned out, he used the US postal service GROUND to ship it.  Granted, he put insurance on it, but you’d think he’d use something a bit more efficient for tracking given the cost of the thing!?!  My experience of using the postal service to get money back with insurance hasn’t been the most positive experience in my life.

Sooooo, I go to ebay and consider what kind of feedback to give the guy, and he hasn’t even done the feedback for me yet?!?!  He was paid well over a week ago, and still hasn’t given me feedback.  I kind of feel like he should be giving feedback first since he got paid quickly.  I get the feeling he is waiting for me to say something so the feedback could be retaliatory.   I’ve noticed that this seems to be standard practice by sellers too.  Well, I can wait forever for the feedback, which is what I plan to do before I put his down first.  I think he needs my feedback worse than I need his.

Girls on the Run…

22 05 2007

Glitter Glue Princess did a 5K this weekend, along with 680 other 3rd to 5th Grade girls in our county. Girls on the Run program had their celebration run for all the participants in our county this weekend. The announcer kept reminding us that we needed to cheer every girl through and please keep the applause the same for the first girl to the last girl. Only 500 more girls to go, only 300 more girls to go, only 100 more girls to go. It was all very nice, though the majority of the running for the girls was on a trail so we only saw them start and finish. Here is a pic of her at the finish line:

Look at how proud she is. We are proud of her too.

You can’t see it, but she is wearing the red pants again. Those have become her favorite ones for running since they were made. Yay for mama made!

Every girl got a flower and a certificate of completion at the finish line. I’m trying to find the pictures online, but haven’t yet. Still searching.

Finally Broke Down and Bought It.

18 05 2007

Well, I knew it was inevitable. After being disappointed with all the “mainstream” software out there to make embroidery designs, I’m going back to what I know… P E Design.

I found someone on Ebay who had it for 40% less than the local fella. Every time I spoke to the local guy, the song changed – first it was “Oh, you have to buy 5 then upgrade to 7” (total cost = $1200). Then it was “Oh, you can buy 7 without having to buy the others, but you need to get a CD drive to attach to your machine” (total cost $1200, but he’d “let me” have it for $1050).

Quite frankly, I love how he services the machines, but I *think* the sales portion of his business is something I’ll stay away from. I do wish that there was a way to tell Brother just how bad it can be on this end – there is a “rule” (local fella told me this, so I don’t know if it is true) that buyers are not to buy out of their home states. Then… If this is the case, you HAVE to buy from the greasy guys who shouldn’t be selling used cars, but are now going after us women who merely want to enjoy our sewing.

The ebay seller was supposed to ship yesterday. I’m hoping that since I was experienced with 3 that 7 will be a breeze for digitizing – the kid already has grandiose plans and I’m two steps behind.

A few of her favorite things.

14 05 2007

If I had to make a top 5 list of my kiddo’s favorite foods, I’d wager that noone, and I mean no one, would have a list similar for an 8 year old. I was remembering discussions that marketing people used to have about children’s favorite foods and how we should model our new products around them (for those of you who don’t know, I used to be a food product development geek at a major baby food manufacturer).

They were always looking for things to emulate what the “big kids” were eating, if the baby had an older brother or sister. IF my kiddo had a baby brother or sister (and no this is not pre-emptive of things to come, just hypothesizing), I don’t know if they would want to emulate this list:

1. Fondue – cheese, of course, made with swiss cheese cheddar cheese soup (my apologies for the realists out there absence of Gruyere and Emmenthaler- she likes the texture better this way – and as much as I make it, the “good stuff” would break the bank). Lots of Panera sourdough bread and diced apples for dipping. Apples and cheese – yum!

2. Spam – grilled or shredded and made into mini cupcake meatloaves.

3. Broccoli – steamed only – she can’t stand raw.

4. Spinach – raw only – she doesn’t like it’s texture after it’s been cooked. Must have bacon bits, croutons and parmesan cheese, no dressing.

5. Fettucini Alfredo – will eat it at a restaurant, but prefers homemade. I use light cream cheese and skim milk to make the “cream” part of the sauce. It comes out a bit thin, but if you don’t rinse the noodles, the sauce thickens up nicely to look just like you expect it to.

Maybe next, I’ll make a list of what she won’t eat….!

So, I’m just curious…. What do NORMAL 8 year olds eat?