A little excursion to the garden…

31 05 2009

Glitter Glue Princess and I took advantage of the extremely nice weather Saturday and visited Meijer Garden for a couple of hours.

We wanted to check on the koi at the waterfall and see how many made it through the winter – there were only 15 or so out of the couple hundred that used to populate it.  We were trying to coax them out with Cheerios, when a little girl hurls a 4 inch rock into the pool and scares the bejeebus out of the poor fish – I don’t think they will probably be as easy to coax out next time because of it.  😦

Regardless, we took some nice shots:

The new Chihuly piece in the cafe.  It spans across their entire dining room –

Pictures taken by the waterfall –

This picture is by special request, for Suz.

On her way

31 05 2009

The fifth grade culmination ceremony was on Friday this past week.  Glitter Glue Princess is no longer an elementary school student – she is officially a 6th grader.

Sorry about the blurriness of shots – she was just too far away and she was moving too fast.

Consequently, that also means that school is now over, and summer begins.  Now to try to conjure up things for her to do for a few months – class at Meijer Gardens on art, as well as a few trips should do the trick.

A memorial day 5K

30 05 2009

Glitter Glue Princess ran in a charity run for cancer research on Memorial Day.  A couple of her friends from Girls on the Run went with her.  Some pictures for sharing:

Meet the newest member of the neighborhood.

24 05 2009

This is Daisy – she lives down the block and around the corner from us….

Doesn’t she look just like her mama?  🙂

Random silliness…

23 05 2009
  1. Our Garmin GPS took me on some odd side trips this last week in Chicago – no way is a gas station in the middle of a residential neighborhood, and Walmart is not in a condo!  I am seriously considering a new one, maybe moving away from Garmin and Doris (what the Glitter Glue Princess calls the voice on the GPS – named after the secretary on the Charlie and Chocolate Factory movie).  If anyone truly loves their GPS, please tell me about it below – I am all ears…
  2. My 18th anniversary is on Monday.  Wow – we MUST have a good thing going, right?
  3. My birthday (the big 4-0) is the second saturday after that, and I have to fly out for work on it.  Fortunately, I have to go to Anaheim for a food science convention, and I am bound determined to spend part of my birthday doing something at disneyland that I never get to do at disney world – ride roller coasters!  For free!  With two roller coaster averse people in my house, I NEVER get to ride them.  Ever.  Sure the Princess is mad at me for going, but she wouldn’t want to do what I plan to do anyway.  Regardless, she has a list of things that must be purchased to compensate her for not being able to go.  I just need to figure out where all the pressed penny machines are and make a ton of them….!
  4. Once I get back from CA, I’m having a reunion with my old room-mates from college.  Apparently we all live in Michigan now, so we are going to the Botanical Garden for a little “get to know you again” time.

Girls on the Run 2009

17 05 2009

Pictures from yesterday’s event.  Over 800 girls participated in our county.

My latest sewing projects…

8 05 2009

My latest sewing projects have revolved around the marriage of my neighbor’s oldest son.

Miss K is Glitter Glue Princess’s dearest friend, and is the Junior Bridesmaid in the wedding.  Her dress needed hemming.  And of course, it wasn’t the easiest job – it was that crinkly crepe with an underslip, so that took about a week to complete.  (No pictures of this one.)

My next project was for Mrs. T – she needed a wrap for her dress.

Here is Miss K modeling it for me:

The third project is part of my gift for the newlyweds.

I’m also monogramming a set of towels for them, but need topping to finish them.