“What am I getting for Christmas?!?!?!”

3 12 2007

This is the condensed version of how conversations have gone between Glitter Glue Princess and me for the last week…

GGP: “What am I getting for Christmas?”

Me: long pause. “What do you want for Christmas?”

GGP: “Mo-om!!! You’ve been getting boxes from Amazon all week! That piano you got – I want that!”

Me: “No, that is for me.”

GGP: “Let’s open it right now!”

Me: “No. If I open it right now, I’ll have nothing at Christmas.”

GGP: “Pleeeeeease”

Me: “No”

GGP:  “Well, what else came in those boxes anyway?  Where did all those boxes go anyway?  Mo-om!!  I know you got something for me, where is it?”

Me:  “For your information, one of those boxes was for me, and one of those boxes had your cousin’s toy cash register in it”  (Casually failing to mention the other two boxes that arrived, and hoping she wouldn’t notice)

GGP: “So, what am I getting for Christmas? What letter does it start with? Is it a P? Is it a puppy?”

Me: Exasperated silence.

At this rate, something or someone is not going to make it to Christmas….





One response

23 12 2008

Lol, thanks for brighting up my day. 🙂

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