Paper, Plastic, or…. Fabric?

28 11 2007

I’ve had it in my head for a few weeks that I bring home waaaay too many plastic bags from stores, and it just dawned on me that since we can’t recycle them with our local service, and I don’t go to walmart enough to dump them off there, I could easily make an alternative to these little buggers.

I took a container store bag (these bags seemed to be largest of all the plastic shopping bags I had in the house) and slit it open on one side to make a template for a pattern.  I traced in seam allowances on my pattern and began my adventure.  Most of the patterns I’ve seen made from bags always used two side seams.  Well….  The size of the container store bag template worked out better to be used as a single piece, as it fit perfectly on my 45″ wide fabric.  Of course, it made figuring out the handle construction a bit of a challenge (most sights I found had you finishing the handles before the sides for a reason).  But there is nothing like a challenge at 4 in the morning to get the senses tingling (the time when most a-ha moments hit for me and jolt me out of bed).

Here is the finished result:

Finally found a way to use sock monkey fabric in public that won’t humiliate the Glitter Glue Princess too much:

If I feel inspired later over the weekend, I’ll put up a tutorial on how I did it…

Tonight is the Christmas Party at Meijer Gardens – fun, fun, fun!




One response

1 12 2007

Those are great! I really like the sock monkey bag! 🙂

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