Peace on Earth….

22 12 2010

December Sewing…. Part 2 (or, did people really have bodies like this in 1969?)

21 12 2010

Girly requested a dress like the Nancy Drew movie for Xmas this year.  And of course, I agreed….

We scoured my pattern stash, and found the following pattern that I received from Pattern Rescue over the last year:

This pattern is a circa 1969, misses size 10, princess cut flared pattern with a 2 piece flared sleeve.  She wanted the green dress in the center. She wanted that EXACT dress.  I couldn’t find a decent green polka dot, so I got her a reversed olive green dot on an ivory background from the Amy Butler Lotus collection.

Note the two ladies on your left – and their dog-ear collars.  I’ve been trying to find photos of people actually WEARING this style, and have had no luck. I’d love to see these on a real person.

I made a muslin of the dress, as is.  I am sooooo glad I made a muslin of this dress.  I had to take 3.5″ from the bust line, raise the neckline 2″, add 2″ to the hips, and shorten the whole thing 3″.  At this point, I began to ask myself why I was even using a pattern and not hand drafting it!  This little blog was a big help in adjusting the bust line, as I couldn’t find instructions on adjusting a princess cut anywhere else…  Also, do you see any puffiness to those sleeves on the pattern?   There was ALOT of ease in the sleeve cap, and I still ended up with a bit of puffy sleeve – I’m not certain what the artist was thinking, but the sleeve on the cover is not the same as the sleeve in the pattern.

The adjustments made me envision what the woman who could use this pattern right out of the envelope looked like, and I envisioned Barbie…  with short arms.   Admittedly, I was adjusting a pattern to fit a 12 year old, but still, I’d have thought that arm adjustments would have been necessary as well.

Photo of the cutout, and the fun matching of polka dots that ensued.

But, the matching paid off:


I made her the scarf out of a cream chiffon (excess dots were really too hard on the eyes, and this gives it a little holiday flair).


And the final result is this:

She was totally thrilled with the dress, and she totally looks like she belongs on the cover of a Nancy Drew book.

Costumes? Already? I blame the internet…

27 02 2010

The girly girl has been pondering halloween costumes since Nov 1.  I call it “Extreme Advanced Planning”.

First up, her originating idea – a disco ball.  I blame this website for her idea.  We planned to do it using a beach ball under the paper mache (easier and cheaper to work with than a 3 foot weather balloon), and many mylar balloons for the glitter squares.  She planned to put her ipod inside with a mini speaker.   Oh…. and I was to make disco costumes for her friends.

Um…. O.K……

Well, that all just got thrown out the window!  Her new idea is inspired by this fabric from Equilter:

She also wants some chalkboard fabric from Nancy’s notions:

She won’t let me say any more, so I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on what she is planning.

Besides, it will probably morph and change in the next 6 months, so she doesn’t want to lock herself in just yet.

One more halloween costume nearly done…sort of… maybe…

6 10 2009

So….  I had to make an executive decision – the neon had to go – it wasn’t working as I hoped it had.  Here is a picture before I removed it:

The overskirt simply wouldn’t lay right at all.  If I had wanted an external hoop on a skirt, it might have done the trick, but the wire was just too inflexible.

It looks better without it….

What is very subtle here is the lighting under the planets – they do sort of glow in daylight, but when the lights get turned off:

I actually have two more items to complete for my costume.

I need a black petticoat, as I used one from a long ago costume to take these shots, and it really doesn’t fit anymore (hmmm, maybe that was WHY it was in the daughter’s dress up box!).  I just couldn’t wear it for two nights in it’s current state.

And I need a nice-plain-not-filthy-looking-or-festooned-with-slutty-‘pirate’-lace pirate hat.  They don’t exist this year.  Why does every pirate hat either go with the pirate mini dresses, or look like it was dragged through the mud to emulate Jack Sparrow?  I bought black denim and a small piece of ultrasuede for edging, and will make a nice, plain pirate hat from that.  I will use the same method as used last year for the miniature pirate hat, and just enlarge it.

S’s tuxedo needs more gold spray paint, and then someone needs to paint the skull on the back.

Thank goodness I still have a week and a half!

Hmmmm – maybe the neon would make a good hatband.

Progress on my costume

2 10 2009

One more piece finished – the underskirt for my costume is done.  It is a 3/4 circle skirt – I simply didn’t have enough of this fabric to do a full circle, and was pushing it as it was.

Note the planetary fabric in the background.  That is the overskirt.

I recognize that they totally don’t match – no worries as the underskirt matches the pirate corset.

Hopefully, it will look like the following in the dark when I use my LED’s and neon:

The neon will go on the outside, and I’m going to sew the LED’s to tulle beneath the planets.  We all agreed that they were a little too bright to endure as an external lighting – they needed something to dull down the shock of them.  Now the skirt becomes a projector of sorts!

We are going to an extraterrestrial pirate ball, after all!

Now the question I have to figure out is if the tulle should be attached to the planets, or if I should keep them separate…

…Did I mention that the neon lines can flash?  I may be responsible for sending someone into seizures…hehehe.  Or, maybe I’ll be nice and just leave them on a normal setting.

Boy, I’m going to need a place to hide all the spare batteries!

And, a parting photo of my studio guest, who prefers to sleep while I sew – Mickey:

Off to do more geometry for this skirt – nothing like trying to remember how to measure ellipses and circles!

That costume was finished…. I swear…

28 09 2008

I had the little pirate costume all done, with pictures to prove it….

Then the Glitter Glue Princess found coin scarves at the Renaissance Festival.

Now I have to take about half of the lower portion off the vest off and rehem.  This removes all the gold coins I had applied to it…  Oh, and change the buttons.  Sigh….

“What am I getting for Christmas?!?!?!”

3 12 2007

This is the condensed version of how conversations have gone between Glitter Glue Princess and me for the last week…

GGP: “What am I getting for Christmas?”

Me: long pause. “What do you want for Christmas?”

GGP: “Mo-om!!! You’ve been getting boxes from Amazon all week! That piano you got – I want that!”

Me: “No, that is for me.”

GGP: “Let’s open it right now!”

Me: “No. If I open it right now, I’ll have nothing at Christmas.”

GGP: “Pleeeeeease”

Me: “No”

GGP:  “Well, what else came in those boxes anyway?  Where did all those boxes go anyway?  Mo-om!!  I know you got something for me, where is it?”

Me:  “For your information, one of those boxes was for me, and one of those boxes had your cousin’s toy cash register in it”  (Casually failing to mention the other two boxes that arrived, and hoping she wouldn’t notice)

GGP: “So, what am I getting for Christmas? What letter does it start with? Is it a P? Is it a puppy?”

Me: Exasperated silence.

At this rate, something or someone is not going to make it to Christmas….