A bit of sewing

18 08 2007

This has been a hectic month – not much accomplished. Too many kidlet parties, too many things to get done before school – it is just a crazy time.

But…. I did finally get the shower curtain sewed together from a couple entries ago… It is for a small shower stall that I’ve just used a nasty blue gingham curtain on for the last few years. Well, it is now properly dressed:

This bathroom is in our basement (mostly used by me in the morning to keep the noise down from the sleeping masses).

After having it up for a few weeks, I *think* I need to dye something a bit lighter – the shower is now pretty dark. This will probably take a year or two to change at the rate it took me to get this one done – HA!




One response

24 08 2007

i don’t see if it’s dark in there or not, but i really like how the curtain came out – you did a great job with the dyeing!
this reminds me of the sea , when it’s stormy and the sun comes out just a tiiiiiiny little bit to make it sparkle…just right for a shower! 😉

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