She’s going to the State Championships!

22 03 2009

Glitter Glue Princess participated in Destination Imagination this year.

She and her team prepared an 8 minute skit about hamsters, and how they communicate.  They made a pet store and held a gameshow called the “Squeal of Fortune”.  Glitter Glue Princess was the hamster wheel/wheel of fortune, depending on which side was facing forward.

They had to create everything on their own – the script, the set, the costumes.  Their group of skits about animal communication was the largest group in the competition, with about 40 groups participating.

And…  They placed second!

We’ve got only 2 weeks to the state tournament…  Lots to do before we go too….

A vision of students today.

13 11 2008

My friend K just sent this to me, and I had to share.

Yes it is a year old, but still a good watch.  It comes from my old college, which is all the more reason to share…

In my day (yes, I’m that old), we had computers, but no laptops and no www – it didn’t exist yet.  However, we did have Usenet and the Virtual Machine, which is how I met S.  That is another story for another day…

I didn’t have the internet, but I still didn’t have enough time in the day.  *sigh* Some things about college haven’t changed.  I can only guess how much different this picture will be when Glitter Glue Princess gets to this stage in her life.  No doubt, she will still be trying to cram extra hours into the day.

Her Science Project

14 10 2008

Here is what the Glitter Glue Princess has been concocting the last couple of weeks.  She took a bouncy ball and a piece of mat board and created this for her Astronomy Science project:

It is not yet put together of course, but you get the idea….

The bag that tested my geometry skills…SQUARED!

25 08 2008

Do you remember this fabric I dyed last month?

Glitter Glue Princess requested that this fabric be made into her school bag.  She wanted a messenger bag, but from the fabric design and the constraint of size, I was limited in what I could make – I preferred to have the tiedye completely wrap around the entire bag, rather than piece the tiedye and end up with excess busy activity on the bag – I *really* do think the fabric is busy enough, don’t you?  🙂  All of the patterns I had were pieced, so I went questing over the web for an appropriate design.  Looking through Craftster, I found this.  It was perfect.

I found a purse zipper (2 zips on a single closed tape), and Glitter Glue Princess had a cute! zip pull that we added.  I made a pocket that is darted at the bottom to hold her MP3 player, as well as a secret pocket inside the pocket to hold money and items she didn’t want the world to see.  We used a quick release snap for the strap, as adjustable fittings were only available in 1″ size.

Here is the finished result…

I live with Mary Mary Quite Contrary

15 08 2008

Sigh….  They grow up too soon.  Nothing I like in terms of style is acceptable anymore. Here are the newest clothing rules for school as of today:

All the euro stuff in ottobre is unacceptable – it’s not “normal” enough to fit into 5th grade.  In fact, just about every pattern I have in my arsenal is unacceptable, except maybe for the Jalies.

No more khaki colored pants.  Only blue jeans (no whiskering) and dark brown pants. Black pants *might* be o.k., but brown is better.

No dresses.  Long sweaters and tee shirts are o.k., but they can’t be embroidered by Mom.  Tie dye is still o.k, at least for today.  Shirts need to be LONG – like tunics – no belly baring stuff (well, at least we agree on one thing…)

Of course, all the rules will change again tomorrow…

I just have to not give up and keep offering options.

A School Trip to Lansing

22 05 2008

Glitter Glue Princess’s class went to the State Capitol and to a science museum, Impressions 5, this week for a school adventure. I went along with her. I had two extra girls in my group.

Here are shots of the science museum.

Making slime:

Pulleys, pulleys, pulleys:

Giant Bubbles:

After that, we took a tour of the State Capital.

Etching of a door near the Governor’s Office:

Class Shot:

My group:

Running Girls

19 05 2008

About 740 girls from our county participated in the Girls on the Run 5K this past weekend.  Here are shots taken from the run.

Glitter Glue Princess finished it, and we are so proud of her…

Every girl was number one at this race!

Group shots:

The sea of girls as they ran through the starting chute: