It followed me home and I’m keeping it.

22 06 2008

Went to Grandparents house this weekend. We were talking through a project that Glitter Glue Princess wants to do with Grandma when she visits next month, and she pulls this little gem out of the closet.

I open it up and know EXACTLY what it is -this thing will sew through anything! I ask her if she has the cams (the funnest part – just call me a sucker for an old sewing machine). Better yet, she has ALL the guides to go with it too.

Then, the best part of all, she says I can take it if I want (!!), since it came with the house when they bought it and she doesn’t have a clue how to use it.

It promptly got packed in the trunk and came home with me. Glitter Glue Princess wants to try out all the cams and make her quilt squares for sewing with Grandma. We’re going to have a fine time with this little beauty. The other four machines will just have to move over for a few days while we play…

Bwahahaha – she who dies with the most sewing machines wins, right?  Or…. Is it fabric?