Amazing what you can do with a square of fabric! Tutorial included

5 09 2010

A couple of weeks ago when we bought Glitter Glue Princess’s shoes for cross country, we came across a rack of these fabric head/neck coverings.  They were beautiful.  She pined for one……  They were $24.  Cough, hack……  For someone recently unemployed, THIS was not an option.

I mean, this was just a tube of fabric.  Admittedly, they were made in Spain, it was a seamless tube, they are made of microfiber, the company has a great marketing department (they are used on the Survivor television show), and they had stringent quality standards, but COME ON!  I couldn’t justify $24 for a tube of fabric, with unfinished edges.  I did some quick analysis for size (in other words, held it up to my arm for approximate length/width measurements).

We headed to the local dutch fabric store after picking up the shoes, and bought bamboo lycra, microfiber knits and cotton knits, at 1/2 yard cuts.  We went home and scoured the stash for the same.

Here’s how I made them:

I cut squares 16″ X 20″.  (see NOTE below.)

Cut so that the 16″ side is cut on the side parallel to the finished edge of the piece of fabric, NOT the cut edge (fabrics with 4-way stretch will not need this precaution – this keeps the edge from rolling up too much when worn).

Then, I serged the 20″ side and tucked the loose thread ends back into the seam. That is it!

You could also sew these using a sewing machine, but use a zig zag stitch and STRETCH the fabric when sewing it to prevent thread breakage when using.

For adults, I’d go with an 18″ X 22″ square.

NOTE:  Of course, this will need to be adjusted based on the % of stretch your fabric has – increase the longer length to accomodate this, as this is the side that will stretch around your head).


Here is what you will have:

Here are demonstrations on how you can wear them:

So…..  for about $13, I made 5 headscarves, with enough fabric left over to make 5 to 10 more!  Something tells me that most of the girls on the cross country team will end up with one of these….

Hope this helps other make their own as well!

Of Hats and Hair…

21 12 2009

I made myself a lovely hat, which quickly became a popular item, which I actually sold to a few friends for the holidays.  This is one order:

It doesn’t look like much on the table, but when you put it on….

Glitter Glue Princess calls it a “squishy mad hatter’s hat”!  She’s right – all I need to do is extend the body some for a cute halloween hat.

Moving past the subject of hats and on to hair.

Glitter Glue Princess decided that it was time for a change.  She took a picture of Selena Gomez into the hairdresser, after much consideration for bobs, angled cuts, and lots of pictures of hair that wouldn’t have looked good on her.  Keep in mind these pics were taken without the lovely hair straightening tools that hairdressers love to use, and that the kiddo now pines for.  There’s always xmas, right?

Here is the before:

And now the after:

Her bangs weren’t quite long enough, but they will definitely grow into this style.

Sigh….  She looks so much older now.  I definitely have a problem on my hands.

A new coat.

19 12 2009

Sorry I’ve been lax in my blog updates – too much to do this holiday season, and not enough time to do it.

I finished a nice coat for myself over Thanksgiving that I want to share a picture of:

I had to go to Minnesota for work, and was unsure if my corduroy coat I had been wearing in our balmy weather would be enough.  I didn’t think it was time to pull out the down coat, so a girl has to do what a girl has to do – make a coat for in between!

I used Christine Jonson’s Easy Coat Pattern, in the short length.  The local fabric store had some nice Polartec Wind Bloc, which was nicely reversible.  This fabric is EXTREMELY toasty, so much so that I really didn’t button the coat very much.  I ended up with a very lightweight comfy coat, that could work for business.

Oh….  And look at my facing!

Sewing, sewing, and more sewing

6 04 2008

The sewing studio has been humming a bit lately, now that we have conquered a few after school activities.

Glitter Glue Princess sewed a lovely bag from some double faced fabric…

I made her up a fleece shrug of her own, since she kept stealing mine… I made this in an XS womans size, considering that she will grow into it. I left the sleeves longer for the same reason…

Umm, yes the cat is really, really angry…

Glitter Glue Princess and I share a nintendo and needed a nice Girly case for it – the ones at the store are so uninspiring… You either get pink or something very boyish. A note to manufacturers – putting a case in pink is not enough – BOR-ING. What about us girls who are not the pinkish sort? Hmmm?

I saw this little number on Craftster and tried to make my own version… I plotted it out on graph paper one night and by the next night had this:

For a bit of perspective on its size, keep in mind that it is sitting on a 1″ grid. It looks like a child’s purse when carried around, which is fine for the Glitter Glue Princess, but not so much for me.

I don’t think the pattern is refined enough to share with anyone as a tutorial yet – I’m thinking about making the card section a separate zippered compartment on the back. More on this later.

As the ground begins to warm, I’m clamoring at the bit to get out and do some tie dye. I… Can’t… Wait!