On her way

31 05 2009

The fifth grade culmination ceremony was on Friday this past week.  Glitter Glue Princess is no longer an elementary school student – she is officially a 6th grader.

Sorry about the blurriness of shots – she was just too far away and she was moving too fast.

Consequently, that also means that school is now over, and summer begins.  Now to try to conjure up things for her to do for a few months – class at Meijer Gardens on art, as well as a few trips should do the trick.

The bag that tested my geometry skills…SQUARED!

25 08 2008

Do you remember this fabric I dyed last month?

Glitter Glue Princess requested that this fabric be made into her school bag.  She wanted a messenger bag, but from the fabric design and the constraint of size, I was limited in what I could make – I preferred to have the tiedye completely wrap around the entire bag, rather than piece the tiedye and end up with excess busy activity on the bag – I *really* do think the fabric is busy enough, don’t you?  🙂  All of the patterns I had were pieced, so I went questing over the web for an appropriate design.  Looking through Craftster, I found this.  It was perfect.

I found a purse zipper (2 zips on a single closed tape), and Glitter Glue Princess had a cute! zip pull that we added.  I made a pocket that is darted at the bottom to hold her MP3 player, as well as a secret pocket inside the pocket to hold money and items she didn’t want the world to see.  We used a quick release snap for the strap, as adjustable fittings were only available in 1″ size.

Here is the finished result…

I live with Mary Mary Quite Contrary

15 08 2008

Sigh….  They grow up too soon.  Nothing I like in terms of style is acceptable anymore. Here are the newest clothing rules for school as of today:

All the euro stuff in ottobre is unacceptable – it’s not “normal” enough to fit into 5th grade.  In fact, just about every pattern I have in my arsenal is unacceptable, except maybe for the Jalies.

No more khaki colored pants.  Only blue jeans (no whiskering) and dark brown pants. Black pants *might* be o.k., but brown is better.

No dresses.  Long sweaters and tee shirts are o.k., but they can’t be embroidered by Mom.  Tie dye is still o.k, at least for today.  Shirts need to be LONG – like tunics – no belly baring stuff (well, at least we agree on one thing…)

Of course, all the rules will change again tomorrow…

I just have to not give up and keep offering options.

A School Trip to Lansing

22 05 2008

Glitter Glue Princess’s class went to the State Capitol and to a science museum, Impressions 5, this week for a school adventure. I went along with her. I had two extra girls in my group.

Here are shots of the science museum.

Making slime:

Pulleys, pulleys, pulleys:

Giant Bubbles:

After that, we took a tour of the State Capital.

Etching of a door near the Governor’s Office:

Class Shot:

My group:

Be The Duck – Quack, Quack

10 01 2008

Glitter Glue Princess is at that age where little girls begin the whole rumor spreading thing about each other. She has not been herself of late, and while driving last night she told me that a couple of girls are making up rumors about her, that the boy who sits next to her is her boyfriend, that general sort of thing. One of her friends told her about this because the friend didn’t know if they should go to the teacher about it or not. She was internalizing a lot of anger at these girls, but rather taking it out on me.

So, last night I taught her about my new bit of wisdom and mindset – Be The Duck.

I developed this while working in an atmosphere of rumors and poor behavior too.

It is like this: Ducks are waterproof – they shake their feathers and all the water just rolls away. What ever rumors, lies, and such come at you – if you are the duck, they will roll right off.

It is kind of like the childhood rhyme “I’m rubber and you’re glue; whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you”.

Quack, quack, quack. This is our new mantra at our house. She’s only in fourth grade, so we’ve got a long ways to go…