What I did for Halloween – part two

8 11 2009

On to photos from the costume ball.  You see, Gandalf Murphy came out as 4 different acts – their pirate personas, their hillbilly personas, their extraterrestrial personas, and as the band.  Aerialists performed between the acts.  A whole lot of pictures follow:

Part 1 – Pirates


Part 2 – Hillbillies

Part 3 – Extraterrestrials

Part 4 – The Circus

Pictures of others:

See those lovely stickers on S’s shirt and Mr T’s hat?  That was the only way they were allowed to film the show.  We’ve learned all about the intricacies of the videographer’s union in New York from this experience!

It was over 4 hours of nonstop fun.  Unfortunately, I had arranged for a driver at midnight – silly me for assuming it would be over by then.  We missed the last few songs and encores.  Neither of us were thrilled with the thought of walking home after the show with video equipment.  We had an early flight the next day anyway.

In the meantime, back at home, the Girlie Girl informed us that we had at least 500 kids come by for halloween, and Grandma was overwhelmed.  Next time, we may just have to take the whole family and take a pass on halloween at home….

What a pair!

27 10 2009

And such lovely matching jackets too!



One costume down!

27 09 2009

Here are the finished efforts for Glitter Glue Princess’s costume.

She is going as a Mummer Pirate, and if you don’t know what a mummer is, look here and here..

The hat is her homage to the lead singer – Joziah – of Gandalf Murphy (she saw it at the store and HAD to have it)….

We found the skull button set at Jo-Ann’s, and she hot glued them to the hat.

The skirt is a clearance item from J.Jill.  It is a cool ragged silk number.  It was the smallest petite skirt I’ve ever seen there, and it is a bit long for her, but works great with the costume.  The ragged bias strips make it move and shimmer when she walks.

The shirt was previously posted, and the corset was just finished.  How do you make a corset for a girl?  You make it comfy, that’s how.  Note the shirring on the sides – looks like a corset, but fits like a comfy tank top…  I think we can use it for at least a couple years.

Now she wants some glittery dorothy shoes to go with her jingle-y red belt!

Halloween Ball Costume To-Do List

17 09 2009
  1. Make chemise for Glitter Glue Princess.
  2. Make “corset” for Glitter Glue Princess – more like a tube top with shirring on the sides and decorative lacing, but will still look like a corset when worn.  The fabric has little skulls all over it.
  3. Make batiked underskirt to wear with my pirate corset.
  4. Make light up skirt with planets on it to wear with my pirate corset.  The battery powered neon and l.e.d. lights arrived yesterday. 🙂  Figure out where to put the battery packs so I don’t look like I just gained another 10 lbs at the hips…!
  5. Help S spray paint his tuxedo jacket with a skull on the back.
  6. Debate on whether I should use a space helmet for my helmet.

Totally confused yet?

Here’s a hint:

From slambovia.com

From slambovia.com

I have a month to get this all done too…  No pressure.