A solution to my “where’s my girl?” dilemma

4 05 2009

Trying to find my daughter last year at the girls on the run final event was like trying to find waldo when every looked the same – just take a look at this shot from last year.  Can you find the Glitter Glue Princess?  I honestly couldn’t either, after I looked at the shot at home.  They looked like an undulating sea of people, and I just wanted to find my girl….

I came up with a solution to this dilemma – headbands!  I was originally going to make one for Glitter Glue Princess, but decided to make them for her whole team (so I could find the rest of them too!).

We picked the bright green of this years shirt and added the school color of blue, and resulted in the following.

Fresh out of the rinse bucket:

Rinsed, washed, and modeled:

Now….  They will be much easier to find…..