What I did for Halloween – part two

8 11 2009

On to photos from the costume ball.  You see, Gandalf Murphy came out as 4 different acts – their pirate personas, their hillbilly personas, their extraterrestrial personas, and as the band.  Aerialists performed between the acts.  A whole lot of pictures follow:

Part 1 – Pirates


Part 2 – Hillbillies

Part 3 – Extraterrestrials

Part 4 – The Circus

Pictures of others:

See those lovely stickers on S’s shirt and Mr T’s hat?  That was the only way they were allowed to film the show.  We’ve learned all about the intricacies of the videographer’s union in New York from this experience!

It was over 4 hours of nonstop fun.  Unfortunately, I had arranged for a driver at midnight – silly me for assuming it would be over by then.  We missed the last few songs and encores.  Neither of us were thrilled with the thought of walking home after the show with video equipment.  We had an early flight the next day anyway.

In the meantime, back at home, the Girlie Girl informed us that we had at least 500 kids come by for halloween, and Grandma was overwhelmed.  Next time, we may just have to take the whole family and take a pass on halloween at home….

Progress on my costume

2 10 2009

One more piece finished – the underskirt for my costume is done.  It is a 3/4 circle skirt – I simply didn’t have enough of this fabric to do a full circle, and was pushing it as it was.

Note the planetary fabric in the background.  That is the overskirt.

I recognize that they totally don’t match – no worries as the underskirt matches the pirate corset.

Hopefully, it will look like the following in the dark when I use my LED’s and neon:

The neon will go on the outside, and I’m going to sew the LED’s to tulle beneath the planets.  We all agreed that they were a little too bright to endure as an external lighting – they needed something to dull down the shock of them.  Now the skirt becomes a projector of sorts!

We are going to an extraterrestrial pirate ball, after all!

Now the question I have to figure out is if the tulle should be attached to the planets, or if I should keep them separate…

…Did I mention that the neon lines can flash?  I may be responsible for sending someone into seizures…hehehe.  Or, maybe I’ll be nice and just leave them on a normal setting.

Boy, I’m going to need a place to hide all the spare batteries!

And, a parting photo of my studio guest, who prefers to sleep while I sew – Mickey:

Off to do more geometry for this skirt – nothing like trying to remember how to measure ellipses and circles!

Halloween Ball Costume To-Do List

17 09 2009
  1. Make chemise for Glitter Glue Princess.
  2. Make “corset” for Glitter Glue Princess – more like a tube top with shirring on the sides and decorative lacing, but will still look like a corset when worn.  The fabric has little skulls all over it.
  3. Make batiked underskirt to wear with my pirate corset.
  4. Make light up skirt with planets on it to wear with my pirate corset.  The battery powered neon and l.e.d. lights arrived yesterday. 🙂  Figure out where to put the battery packs so I don’t look like I just gained another 10 lbs at the hips…!
  5. Help S spray paint his tuxedo jacket with a skull on the back.
  6. Debate on whether I should use a space helmet for my helmet.

Totally confused yet?

Here’s a hint:

From slambovia.com

From slambovia.com

I have a month to get this all done too…  No pressure.

yellow submarine

12 09 2009

On our way up to the porcupine mountain music festival, S and I drove to Hayward, WI.  Gandalf Murphy was playing a fund-raising concert for a local radio station.  S requested the following:

A Gandalf Murphy Weekend…

30 10 2008

I’ve been very remiss in getting these up – mainly because S’s computer decided to take a dive and his computer is the resident video machine.  Anyway, for the Gandalf Murphy folks……  Here you go…

Tink from the Whitehall concert

Cape Code Girls from the Ann Arbor Pirate Ball

I went as Alice in Space – had my hair in a semi beehive, with my 60’s style light up circle skirt.  Unfortunately, I have no shots of the skirt – lights do not film well if you want a picture of the dress.  You’re forced to choose between a shot of the face or a shot of the lights – not both…  That said, I know at least 4 people took pictures, and maybe one of them could send me a link (hint, hint!!!)  🙂 .

More Groupie Crafting with a side of fun…

3 10 2008

S came up with a new slogan he wanted for a shirt to wear to the next Gandalf Murphy concert (October 17).  I embroidered this up for him in the midst of working on my dress, and he graced me with a modeling.

Then, ummm, we were overtaken by a kid who decided that her dad having a photo session alone was unacceptable…..

Have a lovely weekend everyone…..!


For your viewing enjoyment….

30 09 2008

Some Gandalf Murphy video that I have been remiss in posting.  S took the video, but someone from the club posted to youtube….  I was extra cautious and picked video that didn’t have shots of me making a fool of myself!  🙂