Tie Dye with the Boy Scouts

14 07 2010

We helped a local troup make shirts for camp – they needed to match for patrols and thought tie dye would be good.  What follows are a few of the shirts they made that day….

Coming up soon, a sewing project and some tie dye for us!

Old Dog – New Tricks

29 07 2008

So, I’ve picked up a few new tiedye techniques that I’ve been toying around with. The first was soaking the shirts in soda ash and allowing them to dry overnight. More time to process, yes, but definitely changes HOW the dye is taken in by the fabric. I’m not too concerned about degradation of the fabric due to this – I’ve got some shirts from seven years ago that I used the same technique on when making mandalas. The second is variations in accordian pleating and how the dye is applied to accordian pleating. I’m looking at making different color patterns on either side of the pleat to determine the result.

I finished these, and thought I’d share…. What do you folks think of this technique?

You can see the pleating method best here and note the differences on application. I think this one has the best visual as the woven takes on the dye more readily than the knit – many more discreet additions of liquid can be seen here. Glitter Glue Princess is thinking about using this piece to make the outside of her messenger bag for school.