Amazing what you can do with a square of fabric! Tutorial included

5 09 2010

A couple of weeks ago when we bought Glitter Glue Princess’s shoes for cross country, we came across a rack of these fabric head/neck coverings.  They were beautiful.  She pined for one……  They were $24.  Cough, hack……  For someone recently unemployed, THIS was not an option.

I mean, this was just a tube of fabric.  Admittedly, they were made in Spain, it was a seamless tube, they are made of microfiber, the company has a great marketing department (they are used on the Survivor television show), and they had stringent quality standards, but COME ON!  I couldn’t justify $24 for a tube of fabric, with unfinished edges.  I did some quick analysis for size (in other words, held it up to my arm for approximate length/width measurements).

We headed to the local dutch fabric store after picking up the shoes, and bought bamboo lycra, microfiber knits and cotton knits, at 1/2 yard cuts.  We went home and scoured the stash for the same.

Here’s how I made them:

I cut squares 16″ X 20″.  (see NOTE below.)

Cut so that the 16″ side is cut on the side parallel to the finished edge of the piece of fabric, NOT the cut edge (fabrics with 4-way stretch will not need this precaution – this keeps the edge from rolling up too much when worn).

Then, I serged the 20″ side and tucked the loose thread ends back into the seam. That is it!

You could also sew these using a sewing machine, but use a zig zag stitch and STRETCH the fabric when sewing it to prevent thread breakage when using.

For adults, I’d go with an 18″ X 22″ square.

NOTE:  Of course, this will need to be adjusted based on the % of stretch your fabric has – increase the longer length to accomodate this, as this is the side that will stretch around your head).


Here is what you will have:

Here are demonstrations on how you can wear them:

So…..  for about $13, I made 5 headscarves, with enough fabric left over to make 5 to 10 more!  Something tells me that most of the girls on the cross country team will end up with one of these….

Hope this helps other make their own as well!


Maker Faire Detroit, or…. girls who dig science.

1 08 2010

We spent the day yesterday at the Henry Ford, at the Maker Faire.  We met up with our friends and had a great time.

The girls did screenprinting:

They did some crazy activities:

Saw some crazy stuff:

But…  The highlight was the performance of Coke Zero and Mentos by Eepybird!

Here is the video!

A big thank you to my friends at IFT

18 07 2010

If you are reading this due to a card I gave you in Chicago, I want to thank you for your support, and feel free to contact me here, or at the email address I provided you.

I originally intended this blog to communicate events in my family’s lives to my long distance families, but it has become much more than that to me – more of a calendar of the events of my life.  Today belongs here as well.

I believe that there are times in your life when things happen for a reason.  This is probably one of them for me.

I also believe that who you know is just as important as what you know.

You, my friends, are some of my biggest assets, and I appreciate the outpouring I received today.

Thank you all, a hundred times over.


For her summer project, she learned to fly an airplane.

15 07 2010

Well, a remote control airplane, at least!  Girly went to Summer Camp for 6th Grade girls to be introduced to the math and engineering departments at the local college.  And she learned about computer aided drafting, built an airplane, made a website, took a trip in an airplane, ran a flight simulator and flew her model that she built!

Unfortunately, the plane landed in a corn field and broke the tail.  But not to fear!  We got a new plane which will be taken to Grandpa’s so she can learn from an expert on how to fly models!

Tie Dye with the Boy Scouts

14 07 2010

We helped a local troup make shirts for camp – they needed to match for patrols and thought tie dye would be good.  What follows are a few of the shirts they made that day….

Coming up soon, a sewing project and some tie dye for us!

The contortionist….

14 07 2010

Or…  How Gus sleeps.

Gus had a growth spurt – brought to you by the glitter glue princess

24 06 2010

Awesome photos, from an 11 year old……