Dying to do more…

7 08 2008

After my first round of success with the new techniques, I tried my hand at a few more shirts/fabric…

This was an attempt to make tire tracks on the shirt, but it just comes off as a band – not awful, but not what I wanted – I have to rethink the methodology here:

Next up, I bought some rayon to sew into a few things and test this method on.  Yay for hippie skirts!

Old Dog – New Tricks

29 07 2008

So, I’ve picked up a few new tiedye techniques that I’ve been toying around with. The first was soaking the shirts in soda ash and allowing them to dry overnight. More time to process, yes, but definitely changes HOW the dye is taken in by the fabric. I’m not too concerned about degradation of the fabric due to this – I’ve got some shirts from seven years ago that I used the same technique on when making mandalas. The second is variations in accordian pleating and how the dye is applied to accordian pleating. I’m looking at making different color patterns on either side of the pleat to determine the result.

I finished these, and thought I’d share…. What do you folks think of this technique?

You can see the pleating method best here and note the differences on application. I think this one has the best visual as the woven takes on the dye more readily than the knit – many more discreet additions of liquid can be seen here. Glitter Glue Princess is thinking about using this piece to make the outside of her messenger bag for school.

Roar – don’t mess with a soccer team in tiedye

6 07 2008

One of S.’s friends has an industrial embroidery/screenprinting business (drool, drool).  They asked us to work with them on tiedye designs for use on soccer shirts, possibly doing en masse once school gets back in for the highschool.  The colors are orange and black, two colors that don’t play nice together.  Here are the designs they came up with…  Forgive the windswept look – it was quite a blustery day.







This one is my personal favorite even though the pic is really crummy.

solid half

If I were an opposing team, I think I’d run and hide if I saw any of these coming at me.

So exciting!

12 05 2008

Well, I’ve finally gone and done it. I decided to open up an etsy shop and sell dyed fabrics/bags/shirts. I couldn’t keep it a secret any longer!


See the lovely header? I did it all by myself (I am soooo proud!), and it was quite a challenge, as paint shop pro doesn’t play well with vista on my computer, and kept crashing when I wanted to add the text. I really need to get a different program…. I used one of my favorite shirts for the background.

Of course, it is not populated. I haven’t even had a chance to get out and dye yet. I will definitely post when it comes up and show you some of the lovelies I’m working on for it. Hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks, I’ll have some wonderful goodies to show you all… I’m currently in the process of sewing up a slew of fabric shopping bags for the first dye round. Also bought a bunch of 60″ white kona cotton to dye as yardage and sell.

I also joined the Mad Scientist team on etsy, where we make items with a science twist for challenges, etc. This is going to be fun!

Tie Dye with a side of Christmas prep

2 09 2007

We did a spot of tiedye yesterday. I had ordered 8 fabric bags to dye for use as Christmas gifts, and the glitter glue princess and S had shirts to do. First up, the glitter glue princess’ work:

Four shirts for herself…

And two for the pup she sometimes puppy sits:

S made a shirt:

And here are my bags for holiday gifts:

One last very cute shot:

I had done some work on sheeting to make a bean bag cover and another shower curtain, but they didn’t come out as desired (too homogeneous in color) and will be redone for another day.

S had some friends over who did some shirts too:

A bit of sewing

18 08 2007

This has been a hectic month – not much accomplished. Too many kidlet parties, too many things to get done before school – it is just a crazy time.

But…. I did finally get the shower curtain sewed together from a couple entries ago… It is for a small shower stall that I’ve just used a nasty blue gingham curtain on for the last few years. Well, it is now properly dressed:

This bathroom is in our basement (mostly used by me in the morning to keep the noise down from the sleeping masses).

After having it up for a few weeks, I *think* I need to dye something a bit lighter – the shower is now pretty dark. This will probably take a year or two to change at the rate it took me to get this one done – HA!

More dying of our own

26 07 2007

Following the party at John’s, we had some more dying of our own. S wanted to make a sneetch shirt, a yellow shirt with a green star on it, and I had a number of pieces that needed LWI treatment – a fabric piece for a pillowcase, and another for a shower curtain. Here are the pics:

The unfinished shower curtain –

The unfinished pillowcase –

Random dyed item images –

Unfortunately, S had some overspray and was disappointed in his sneetch shirt, and wants to make it again – no pics.

Glitter Glue Princess invited the Divine Miss Em over and she dyed too.