Two years in the making.

22 06 2008

This little number really has been a two year project.  I put the bag down and simply didn’t pick it up again for two years.  It was one of those things I took on flights when I worked for the baby food empire.  It was busy work – it kept me from thinking about how rattly the plane was, and kept my hands busy enough that I didn’t feel like taking my impatience out on someone and getting arrested.  When I worked for the evil donut empire my evil boss didn’t let me travel.  Sooo, the bag sat unused.  I was inspired to pick it up when hubby took me to a Christine Lavin concert, and she offered free knitting circle to anyone who brought theirs.  We got there too late, and I forgot my free pass, but it was enough to get me off my hiney and pick it up again.  It also inspired the Glitter Glue Princess to take it up.

Without further adeiu, here is the knitting work that took so long and led to all the inspiration…

What – doesn’t anyone else get inspired by washcloths?  🙂

This is a result of my reading mason dixon knitting.  At least it is practical.  That, and it is made of cotton – my allergy to wool prevents me from making all the really cool things I want to make