Some Etsy Love at the Fulton Street Artisans Market

18 08 2008

Glitter Glue Princess and I trekked to Grand Rapids for the Fulton Street Artisans Market – many, many Etsy-ans were there.  It was sweltering hot, and if you didn’t have a tarp or umbrella, you basically cooked.

There was a tiedye guy there, and we had a long discussion about supply and tying technique – very nice.  You can see from the following pics that we had ours on yesterday.

She and I met Boogerelli – her stuff is totally adorable.  She gave the Glitter Glue Princess a pin and a sticker – aren’t these the cutest (sorry for the fuzzy pic – camera is acting up-or bad operator, I don’t know):

We bought a couple of lovely necklaces from a lady whose name I didn’t get.  If you are she, please comment and I will fix this grievous error…  Perhaps you will recognize the shirts, since we did discuss them…

The red flowers in this exactly match a skirt we bought from Macy’s the day before at the half off sale.

We also bought a couple of lovelies from The Empty Nest:

We’ll definitely go again…

Zipper pouches now at Etsy.

14 08 2008

Oops – forgot to mention that I put those pencil cases/zipper pouches up at Etsy.

Pouch with Pink Zip

Pouch with Black Zip

Now, off to either hula hoop, or sew Glitter Glue Princess’s messenger bag for school…


1 06 2008

I’m finally getting the hang of this etsy thing, and have listed a few bags and a shirt.  I’ll be photographing my fabrics again and putting them up this evening or tomorrow.  Little did I know when I started editing photos, only to find that they had to be square – soooo, it is off to the garage door again to take the photos…

So exciting!

12 05 2008

Well, I’ve finally gone and done it. I decided to open up an etsy shop and sell dyed fabrics/bags/shirts. I couldn’t keep it a secret any longer!

See the lovely header? I did it all by myself (I am soooo proud!), and it was quite a challenge, as paint shop pro doesn’t play well with vista on my computer, and kept crashing when I wanted to add the text. I really need to get a different program…. I used one of my favorite shirts for the background.

Of course, it is not populated. I haven’t even had a chance to get out and dye yet. I will definitely post when it comes up and show you some of the lovelies I’m working on for it. Hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks, I’ll have some wonderful goodies to show you all… I’m currently in the process of sewing up a slew of fabric shopping bags for the first dye round. Also bought a bunch of 60″ white kona cotton to dye as yardage and sell.

I also joined the Mad Scientist team on etsy, where we make items with a science twist for challenges, etc. This is going to be fun!