Pondering the construction of a reader cover, part 1

30 01 2011

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On to the post……

I purchased my sister-in-law’s nook color a while back, as she was not happy with it.

Secretly, I was hoping to convert it into an android tablet, but right now am happy with it just the way it is.  I finished “Water for Elephants”, and am working on “I am Number Four” right now.

She had purchased a silicone cover for it when she bought it.  It works fine, but I take issue with it as cat hair sticks to it like crazy, it won’t offer any protection if the reader is dropped, and it feels sticky in my hand when holding it.  Being ever the seamstress, I have embarked on a journey of trying to find a pattern to use for making a cover.

I’ve found quite a few designs online, none of them have the exact specs I’m trying to meet.  I’m wanting the following:

  • something I can hold to read,
  • protect the unit if dropped, and
  • wrap around the reader to buffer dings and scratches.

Here are a few I’ve located:

Chica and Jo’s custom kindle cover case seems to offer quite a bit of protection, but the pocket design isn’t going to work with a nook color, as we have a full screen.

Padded case for your kindle might help, but it would need to have some more sturdy materials used to help protect the reader, and I’d have to remove my reader to use it.

Here is a pattern from an etsy seller that you can purchase, that shows promise…  with modifications by adding a flap and using sturdier materials.

Cookcraftgrow has a cover she designed and put directions for online.  I like it, especially the snap around the lower left corner!  But… again I’m concerned about the dropping of my lovely little device.

So, I’ve been exhaustive in my quest to find something to fulfill my “sturdier materials” mantra above…   After dropping a number of things on my tile floor to test (being ever the scientist), I’ve come up with a couple options – chipboard, as found in binder covers, and coroplast (corrugated plastic, which looks like colored cardboard, but is extruded plastic – it comes in many varying thicknesses).  And it just happens that I have a whole bunch of coroplast lying around this house.

Coroplast was VERY popular for making the large elections signs that were used in last November’s elections, and is also used in most of the signage in front of local gas stations for beer and soda.  I happen to have the following in my garage:

  • 2 large 4’X8′ election signs from a person who lost a local election (5 mm thick)
  • 2 smaller sheets my dad sent back with us from our visit to KS (2 mm thick)

We’ve been collecting it to make the Girly some model remote control (r/c) airplanes as it will weather her crashes and bumps at high impact – yes, it is THAT strong!  There are websites for building planes and trainers from it if you know where to look on the internet…  She really, really wants a flying pizza box! I figured it was perfect medium for building this cover.

My first draft us not quite what I wanted…  Still trying to work out the design before posting part 2.  In the meantime, here are pictures of attempt #1….  I used Beatles Yellow Submarine Fabric, fusible fleece, 2 mm coroplast in both covers(which I found I could sew through!), a snap for holding the corner of the nook, and two kinds of elastic.

The Beatles fabric came from Equilter.com, but is no longer available.  However they have this equally awesome fabric!

The next version will have a flap for securing all sides of the reader, and I need to figure out a better harness that doesn’t slip around…

Maker Faire Detroit, or…. girls who dig science.

1 08 2010

We spent the day yesterday at the Henry Ford, at the Maker Faire.  We met up with our friends and had a great time.

The girls did screenprinting:

They did some crazy activities:

Saw some crazy stuff:

But…  The highlight was the performance of Coke Zero and Mentos by Eepybird!

Here is the video!

Tie Dye with the Boy Scouts

14 07 2010

We helped a local troup make shirts for camp – they needed to match for patrols and thought tie dye would be good.  What follows are a few of the shirts they made that day….

Coming up soon, a sewing project and some tie dye for us!

This is what happens when you craft too much….

29 06 2009

The newest exercise fad at my house…

14 08 2008

Over the past few weeks, the female members of my household (myself and the Glitter Glue Princess) have taken up hula hooping.  Not just any old wimpy hula hoop from the store will do, mind you, but heavy duty, hand designed hoops are needed for this new craze.  Somehow, we found something to combine crafting and exercise – who would have figured, huh?  We’ve been hooping for at least a half hour daily since we started this, getting better and better at it…

There are many websites out there that tell you how to make the hoops.  We made the hoops out of tubing from Lowe’s and ordered a plethora of tapes online.

Glitter glue princess could not wait for the funky tapes to arrive in the mail, and created one of her hoops using electrical tape only.  After the tapes did arrive, she was a wee bit afraid of working with the glitter tapes, due to them being metal (she was afraid of cutting herself).  We found that fabric gaffer tape is great as it makes the hoop “cling” to you more – it provides a bit of drag to help keep the hoop up longer.

Here are a few shots of the hoops thus far, no action shots just yet….  One with the multicolor sections was Glitter Glue Princess’s first tape job.

My only worry about this new craze is where we will do this when the weather gets cold – I don’t think Michigan winters are conducive to this exercise trend.  🙂

If there’s interest, let me know and I’ll post a mountain of links on this…

Sewing and Crafting for the Webkinz

16 02 2008

I get a lot of hits for people searching for “sew” and “webkinz” in the same string. Hopefully, this following post, brought to you by the Glitter Glue Princess, will help those out who are searching for such a thing.

The kidlet thought her girl webkinz could use a cute dress to make them look more girly. On one of her many snow days, I came home from work one day to find that she had created this –

It is basically a tube, size to the body of the webkinz, with holes for the arms and a carwash skirt to accompany the rump. After I gave her accolades for her ingenuity, she made another, but added a tie at the neck to cinch it up a bit.

The boys then all got scarves so they weren’t nekkid either.

On one other occasion, she made a lovely bracelet for one of them:

It is about 2 dozen safety pins adorned with beads and strung on elastic thread.

You too can come up with easy ways to dress your webkinz.

It’s here! It’s here!…. My Innovis 4000D is here!

23 04 2007


It isn’t exactly what was listed in the ebay posting… You see, I was expecting something a bit different in color….

You see, it was white in the listing…. I don’t know if I’m complaining, but this thing looks a bit, um, “pimped out” with all the gold trim. The guy had obviously not taken it out of the box to look at it…

I got it set up and it does sew out nicely, but runs TOTALLY different than my old machine (this thing will thread your needle if you ask it nicely) .

Here is it’s very first stitchout

(The bubbling is from the fact I didn’t put stabilizer under the design!)

The auction was supposed to include a big case of thread, which hasn’t arrived, so I’m not going to approve the item through escrow yet. Just sent an email to the guy, commenting on the color – we shall see what he says about that!