Costumes? Already? I blame the internet…

27 02 2010

The girly girl has been pondering halloween costumes since Nov 1.  I call it “Extreme Advanced Planning”.

First up, her originating idea – a disco ball.  I blame this website for her idea.  We planned to do it using a beach ball under the paper mache (easier and cheaper to work with than a 3 foot weather balloon), and many mylar balloons for the glitter squares.  She planned to put her ipod inside with a mini speaker.   Oh…. and I was to make disco costumes for her friends.

Um…. O.K……

Well, that all just got thrown out the window!  Her new idea is inspired by this fabric from Equilter:

She also wants some chalkboard fabric from Nancy’s notions:

She won’t let me say any more, so I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on what she is planning.

Besides, it will probably morph and change in the next 6 months, so she doesn’t want to lock herself in just yet.




2 responses

27 02 2010

I want a disco ball costume!

7 06 2010
Glitter Glue Princess

now i want to be a m&m oh and 1 for my friend too….

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