My Peeps…

22 02 2010

I couldn’t find a tax form on a stock dividend. It was sent to us last October – it was put in the bucket of “papers too important to toss, but not important enough to file” at the time. Now that it is important to get the taxes completed, it had to be fished out.

While going through the bucket, I found an unopened package of chocolate cat peeps I bought and hid from the girly girl last Halloween. I fished them out, and put them on top of the tub.

Kiddo walks up after I put the peeps on the tub.

“Cool! Halloween Peeps!”, she says.

Then, she proceeds to poke them….

Many times….

“Huh! They’re still squishy!”, then walks away.

Peeps appear to have the shelf life of a Twinkie.



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