all the sewing ladies, all the sewing ladies..

26 01 2010

The girlie has been playing too much of that popular Beyonce song.  I’ve been coming up with my own lyrics in my head, as addressed in the title of this post…

Question for my sewing friends:

I used to buy my sewing needles in bulk, but only recently realized that I’m woefully short.  The girl couldn’t find a #12 needle at all in the collection.  So….  I need to get some more, and need some advice –

Where do you buy YOUR sewing needles?  Do you buy in bulk?

I used to buy them on a group buy, and now cannot.

Comments are welcome!




One response

27 01 2010

ok, i will never be able to listen to that song again without changing the words. 🙂

needles. of course i buy in bulk! or, depending on what kind/size you need.

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