Karma exists

14 01 2010

So I had to go the UPS office to drop off two big boxes.

This lady in a humongous SUV pulls into the no parking zone, blocking the door. At this point I was walking to the doors, and now had to circle her car.

She hustles past me and grabs the largest cart they had, just as I am reaching for it, all the while talking on her cell phone.

Fine, I take the smaller cart. I pass her as she is still talking on her cell phone, not able to open her door, due to too many hand gestures.

I load my freezer box and large case on the little cart, and head back to the building.

Lady has gotten her two small packages and is standing beside her car, still on her phone. She sees me coming, slams her phone shut, and pushes ahead to get in line. Nice.

*She doesn’t know that I have a secret! It’s called a corporate account, so I don’t HAVE to stand in line!*

I push my items in the Out door and leave them by the counter, as I’ve done a hundred times before.

As the Out door is opening for me to leave, I hear the guy behind the counter say to her “These are fedex labels. You need to go across town to drop these off!”

Karma wins. Don’t mess with Karma.



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