Happy New Year! and sewing tessuti…

2 01 2010

My resolutions:

  1. sew more – I need the therapy
  2. dye more – when it is warmer
  3. be there more – don’t let work monopolize my brain waves when I am home
  4. in matters of work – be the duck.  Let the stuff roll like water rolls off a duck.  Be the duck.

In sewing matters, I’m working on the Sew Tessuti Favorite top.  Here is the pattern:  Look at the top of the right column for the free download.  At first blush, it looks to fit, all but in the arms – the body has over 60″ at the chest, but the arms are only 9.5″ around – it requires a light fluid knit to make this one.  I’ve moved the seam down to fit my arms less snugly, and added 3 inches to the length, more appropriate for michigan weather.  Found a well aged piece of black knit with white swirlie scribbles from when Textile Studio sold fabrics (this one is at least two years old).  We shall see how it goes.



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